The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses of all sizes all around the world. Many teams have shifted to working remotely, or not at all. During this time, it’s important to give your team the same learning and development opportunities to continue investing in their careers and performance.

Although maximum productivity shouldn’t be demanded from your teams in these trying times, online courses and remote work can do much to help your company continue to operate smoothly and level up.

3 Benefits of online learning

Stay productive

Continuing to learn and get exposure to new ideas can help teams of any size, from any industry, stay productive. Online learning means this can be done from the comfort of your own homes, which is especially important during the city-wide quarantine.

Level up even out of the office

Many managers have expressed concern about their teams not being used to working remotely, and wasting company (and their own) time struggling to find busy work. However, there’s a better way to invest your time when you can’t get into the office – level up your skills to ensure better performance either at home or once work is back in session.

Support satellite teams

The world isn’t going to be forced to stay remote forever, but offering online education can help businesses show they’re ready and willing to invest in all of their teams – even the satellite teams located far away. Online learning and development courses helps level the playing field, and gives your entire company access to the same resources, regardless of whether they live in the metro area or distant provinces.

How to get started

Profiles Asia Pacific has launched our Learning Management System (LMS), an online platform that provides e-learning services through online courses.

The programs are open to students, employees, managers, independent professionals, and anyone else who would like to increase their knowledge and skills.

During COVID-19, the most obvious use of LMS is to continue leveling up your teams despite not being able to go into an office. However, LMS is useful for many different scenarios as well, from schools that want to offer online courses, to businesses that want new employees to onboard with a certain set of skills.

You can use LMS for the following:

  1. Employee Training – Training employees for their professional and personal growth is a priority for individuals who want to advance in their careers. We offer various online courses on technical skills to essential skills that will surely benefit the employees and their companies.
  2. Employee Orientation – The on-boarding of an employee is one of the most important tasks of HR. Make sure to not miss any point by orienting them through an online course. Briefing them and introducing them to everyone in the office is still important, but avoid repetitive introduction to the processes of the company. They can also have a post-assessment afterwards to ensure retention.
  3. Knowledge Retention – Did you know that after attending training sessions, many participants only remember 20% of what they learned? Break away from this by establishing repeated recall of information through online courses and tests that will give you results immediately.
  4. Online classes – The use of LMS is not limited in industrial institutions, they can also be utilized by schools! For intuitive learning, learners may attend to their classes by professionally-made courses.

What are the benefits of using LMS?

  1. Highly Accessible – Access the courses you are enrolled to anytime, anywhere!
  2. Cost and Time Efficient – Move your training online. Online training removes the need for travel and venue costs and often lowers facilitation costs too. For onboarding, you can save time for employees to attend to other concerns in the company and let them learn about the ropes in the company at their own pace.
  3. User-friendly Interface – A comprehensive manual will be sent to you so you can have the best learning experience. A technical support team is also readily available for your queries.
  4. Multi-media Learning – Enjoy enriched learning with intuitive videos and images to cater to your learning style.
  5. Track Learner Progress – real time reports and updates on the progress of each learner
  6. Improve Performance – Acquiring new skills and knowledge can improve the performance of your employees.

If you are interested in getting e-learning courses for your organization, please fill in this form, or contact People Dynamics Inc. at (02) 8637 8770 loc. 115 or to schedule a free demo. In light of COVID-19, we’re offering select businesses free use of the entire thing for the next 30 days.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick