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How to Build a Workspace for Maximum Productivity

This is a guest post from Aaron Schaffer of Taktical Digital.

Anyone who has worked in multiple offices during their career knows that some are more conducive to productivity than others. An employee who gets a lot done in one office may complete significantly less work over the course of a day if their office doesn’t provide the resources they need.

This is very important to remember when designing a workspace, be it an all-in-one coworking space or a more traditional office setting. By reviewing employee surveys, you can better understand what elements the average worker needs in an office to maximize their own productivity. The following are some of the more important features they cite.

6 things to pay attention to for workspace productivity

Comfortable & Functional Workspaces

Obviously, an employee’s desk should offer enough space for any items they use regularly, like a computer, writing materials, phone, and files. Just make sure you don’t prioritize functionality so much that you overlook comfort.

It’s also important to focus on the ergonomics of the chairs your staff will be sitting in when planning an office design. Physical comfort can have a major impact on productivity, so it’s important to choose models that keep everyone comfortable.


Providing employees with the tools they need to get work done is certainly important. That said, you also need to offer amenities that make the office a more appealing place to be in general. Research indicates that happy employees are more productive. Offering coffee, tea, and designating areas where people can socialize will help ensure workers feel satisfied on the job.


Make sure the office design isn’t so cramped that cleaning it regularly is a difficult chore. A messy office will absolutely impact a worker’s mood. Additionally, if you can’t regularly sanitize the office, workers are more likely to be exposed to bacteria. They can’t be productive if they’re sick.

Necessary Equipment

You’re likely already aware that your office should provide computers, internet access, printers, communications tools, and similar resources employees regularly use to get work done.

That said, you also need to make sure those tools work reliably. Do thorough research when deciding what equipment to include in your office. Taking the time to install functional equipment and resources will have a very positive impact on productivity in the long run.

Access to Fun

If you’re still deciding where your office should be located, keep in mind that workers also report wanting easy access to restaurants or bars they can visit after work. Having a chance to unwind and socialize at the end of the day can significantly impact employee satisfaction. If the area also offers abundant parking and easy access to public transportation, even better.

Natural Light

A well-lit office makes getting work done easier than it might be in a different space. However, don’t rely solely on artificial light. Installing large windows to let in sufficient natural light is also a smart idea. In fact, studies indicate that exposure to natural light can boost productivity.

Proper office design plays a major role in how much work an employee gets done on an average day. That’s why it’s crucial that you take your time to consider what employees want when planning your office design. The long-term rewards are very much worth the time and effort involved.

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