The Impact of Behavior on Productivity and How To Test for It

Productivity drives many HR initiatives. Given its importance, organizations spend millions on understanding the factors that influence and promote productivity, ranging from managerial styles to lighting and office layouts. Strong leadership, robust performance metrics, and motivational goals are among the most influential contributors to boosting productivity in the workplace. However, other factors like employee, leader, and team behavior are also important to consider. You can help your business to be more productive by tracking, assessing, [...]

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Data literacy in organizations: How HR can help

HR has always been data driven in part, but with HR tooling generating more data than ever before, it’s reached extreme levels. Every aspect of employee testing, development, and performance is recorded and stored. While that’s critical for recruitment, training, and employee termination decisions, it can also be overwhelming. Additionally, many people lack the data literacy to interpret data properly despite 89% of learning and development leaders deeming it a high priority for their organizations. [...]

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55 HR tools to streamline your personnel operations

Most Human Resources (HR) operations are in the process of digitizing (or have already done so). Modern tools ranging from payroll management to process automation and employee assessment simplify and improve the HR workload. Beyond keeping track of data, these tools enable data collection, direct interaction with employees, and organizational collaboration. Many HR teams combine several to build a toolkit that improves how they work, the results they deliver, and their goals. Choosing the right [...]

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How to use competency frameworks for business success

Competency frameworks effectively define the skills, behaviors, and soft skills an employee needs to succeed in a specific role and the organization. These frameworks are some tools your HR can use for people-driven performance management, hiring, and team building. But, with their focus on capabilities, they’re also one of the most important. Competency is the sum of skills, knowledge, abilities, attributes, experience, personality traits, and motivators. Once your organization maps the competencies a position needs, [...]

A guide to professional office communications

Every person understands the power of efficient communication and its impact on daily life and processes. The quality of communication impacts how well we resolve issues, establish relationships, network, and fit in the surrounding societies. At work, communication not only impacts the well-being of the employees but directly affects the quality of work. If people are stressed, annoyed, or even scared to speak their minds out, that will inevitably lead to poor performance, frequent errors, [...]

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