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We offer assessment solutions that enable organizations to select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential.


We work with clients across the employee life cycle to enhance the productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. Our employee assessment solutions can help clients screen-out unsuitable candidates, match others with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities, understand the strengths and limitations of successful onboarding, and identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize their long-term contribution to the organization.

“Job Matching – the key to successful hiring and engagement”


History tells us – Every time an employee is hired, trained, evaluated or promoted, a rebuilding of the organization is taking place. Every employee is engaged in either moving the business forward or holding it back.

The Big Misconception – Previously it was believed that any reasonably intelligent person could, through training, be shaped into a productive employee. However, if this were true, companies would not suffer many of the common ailments they experience.

When people are correctly matched with the work they do, something spectacular happens; they perform for the joy of achievement and the satisfaction they receive. Work becomes a creative challenge even enjoyable!

In general, people only let you see what they want you to see, but like icebergs, what you don’t see is often more significant. To make the most advantageous decision, you must look beneath the surface and see the essence of the ‘Total Person’, as is done in for example, The Profile XT assessment.

In “Job matching”… A top-performing employee matches the organization for which he or she works in three critical areas (the corner stones of performance). Theses are:

  1. Skills Match: does the candidate have the education, training and experience needed?
  2. Company Match: does the candidate have the appearance, demeanor, integrity, attitudes and values of the company?
  3. Job Match: does the candidate possess that unique combination of thinking style, interests and personality traits that lead to success on the job?


It is known that there is some correlation between skill match and performance on the job (although not as much as many people first believed!). This is recognized subconsciously because we see the many occasions employees, who have all the needed skills, fail.

In the area of company match, the interview (and to a lesser extent the background check) is basically trying to determine if the candidate would fit anywhere in the company (has the necessary appearance, holds acceptable values etc.).

However, the difference between a top performer and an average performer in the job is almost entirely attributable to the final component of job match. On the basis of “if we can isolate it we can replicate it” to determine job-match, we seek to isolate those job-related core competencies found in top producers. That is the function of a ‘Total Person’ assessment such as The Profile XT.

Benefits to the Organization of good Job-Match

From an analysis of top producers we see that good job match provides several areas of benefit to the organization. As a minimum these are:

  1. Higher productivity
  2. Reduced turnover
  3. Reduced tardiness and absenteeism
  4. Reduced stress and conflict with co-workers and reduced need for management interventions
  5. Reduced training costs.

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