Taking Team Dynamics into Account During the Recruitment Process

Hiring often looks simple from the outside. An inside look shows a process complex enough to have thousands of studies dedicated to single aspects of recruitment. Companies spend millions on assessing, training, and hiring the right people to drive their companies, and for good reason. The right people can make or break a business. People-fit is a crucial topic, and one that many companies don’t spend enough time on. Today, the lens of hiring is [...]

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What Goes into Quality Employee Screening?

Employee screening functions to ensure only the right candidates make it to interviews. This serves the dual purpose of reducing time and investment spent at later steps and reducing the risk of a wrong hire. Screening can be as simple as a background check or as complex as a multi-pronged behavior, competency, and personality assessments alongside those (mandatory) checks. In either case, your employee screening will determine who moves into hiring processes. Having quality screening [...]

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How to keep up with recruitment in the digital age

In today’s fast-paced, socially connected, and digital world, companies are beginning to realize that technology is key for attracting, assessing, and employing the top talent. Why should you be left behind? These top HR recruitment tips show you how to keep up with recruitment, and your competition, in the digital age. How has technology changed recruitment Technology has a funny way of bursting onto the scene and completely changing the way you do things. Over [...]

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When to Let Go of Poor Performers in the Workplace

Performance reviews have long been under-fire for practices of ranking individuals into top, middle, and bottom tiers. However, these tiers or other setups showing individuals who consistently perform under set standards can help your organization to improve and succeed. Traditionally, individuals who consistently underperform are simply let go, as they are either fired or do not receive contract renewal. Modern HR practices typically require a much more human-friendly approach, where you should offer opportunities and [...]

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How to Preserve Institutional Knowledge and Prevent Brain Drain

Brain drain is a situation where organizations are faced with older staff leaving and retiring at a faster rate than new employees reach equivalent levels of skill and expertise. This can be a problem in organizations of all sizes. While especially relevant to fast-scaling startups who often outpace their own ability to onboard effectively, brain drain impacts even massive companies with tens of thousands of employees. Preventing knowledge loss often means creating preventive strategies, effectively [...]

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