How to Use Social Media for Candidate Screening

Social media is a prime opportunity to showcase one’s professional endeavors, interests, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, and even personality. A person’s Instagram profile, for instance, lets you spot their favorite places and ways of spending time; Twitter displays one’s views on modern trends and culture; LinkedIn highlights their work experience, thoughts on their industry, and how they connect with peers. However, you can’t predict how a candidate will fit your team based on their social media [...]

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7 Things to Look for in Your HR Assessments Provider

Organizations wishing to improve must have data to guide decisions and change. Here, HR assessments are a powerful tool, delivering the data to make better hiring decisions, to improve employee performance, and to guide talent development. HR assessments include a range of tests and insights designed to map and quantify employee behavior at every level. This includes tools from the ever-popular 360-feedback to tenacity assessments, emotional stability assessments, and ability profilers – giving employers insight [...]

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The Impact of Behavior on Productivity and How To Test for It

Productivity drives many HR initiatives. Given its importance, organizations spend millions on understanding the factors that influence and promote productivity, ranging from managerial styles to lighting and office layouts. Strong leadership, robust performance metrics, and motivational goals are among the most influential contributors to boosting productivity in the workplace. However, other factors like employee, leader, and team behavior are also important to consider. You can help your business to be more productive by tracking, assessing, [...]

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Leadership Development Strategies in Hybrid Work Environments

Today, about 58% of U.S. employees work from home at least some of the time. Hybrid and remote work increase access to talent, improve employee satisfaction, and even reduce costs for employers, who can downsize office spaces and accommodations if people regularly work from home. As a result, these work options have become mainstays for many businesses. At the same time, they introduce new challenges for leadership development, especially if your organization relies on internal [...]

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How to make your recruitment and assessment processes mobile-friendly

Mobile devices dominate both our professional and private lives. In the U.S. alone, 85% of adults own and use a smartphone, while 53% own and use a tablet computer. That popularity has been highly influential in marketing and web design, but organizations still struggle to make their offerings accessible on smaller screen sizes.  That difficulty extends to HR, which has to adapt to tablets and smartphones together accounting for over 70% of all internet traffic. [...]

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