Crafting Stellar Experiences: How Improve Employee Induction

For organizations to thrive in competitive business landscapes, the successful integration of new employees is crucial. When recruiting top talent, however, many tend to focus on screening and selection while overlooking a key aspect of securing medium- to long-term workers: induction. Numerous companies struggle to carry this out effectively and face issues ranging from mismatched expectations to communication breakdowns. The result is an induction crisis, which can derail your new hires’ productivity and engagement as [...]

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How to optimize your hiring process to find top performers

Hiring processes today are longer, more complex, and more role specific than in previous years. They cost organizations significant investment, taking up to eight months of onboarding for an employee to reach full productivity. Failing to hire the right candidate can eat into budgets and performance for the company. To strengthen their selections, companies are increasingly relying on long hiring processes. However, those extended processes run the risk of alienating potential candidates and failing to [...]

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5 Components of a good employee onboarding program

Most recruitment plans focus on the hiring and employee assessment phases (after all, you need to know you’re getting the right person). From there though, helping them complete onboarding often falls on the teams they join. It’s common for new hires to walk into a new company on the first day only to be handed a printed employee manual because IT hasn’t finished setting up their account. Onboarding is a major component of the employee [...]

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How to use competency frameworks for business success

Competency frameworks effectively define the skills, behaviors, and soft skills an employee needs to succeed in a specific role and the organization. These frameworks are some tools your HR can use for people-driven performance management, hiring, and team building. But, with their focus on capabilities, they’re also one of the most important. Competency is the sum of skills, knowledge, abilities, attributes, experience, personality traits, and motivators. Once your organization maps the competencies a position needs, [...]

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