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7 Things to Look for in Your HR Assessments Provider

Organizations wishing to improve must have data to guide decisions and change. Here, HR assessments are a powerful tool, delivering the data to make better hiring decisions, to improve employee performance, and to guide talent development. HR assessments include a range of tests and insights designed to map and quantify employee behavior at every level. This includes tools from the ever-popular 360-feedback to tenacity assessments, emotional stability assessments, and ability profilers – giving employers insight [...]

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How to incorporate skills tests throughout the employee life cycle

Skills and competency tests are becoming increasingly essential during the hiring process. But for many organizations, they also deliver value through the full employee life cycle. Assessments can help HR determine everything from role placement to skills gaps, while guiding personal and leadership development. In addition, assessments measure the efficacy of skills development, assist with building new teams, and can even aid employee placement as they leave the organization. The employee life cycle consists of [...]

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The best personality and aptitude tests for interviewing and building teams

People management. Human resources. Recruiters. Three groups of professionals who have a significant need to make the best possible hires and personnel decisions... but how? Talent assessments are just one of a myriad of tools available to professionals who are in the business of people for their business. These assessments can include cognitive, personality, motivation and interest, aptitude, and more. Talent assessments can be used to make hiring decisions, build teams, and even to inform [...]

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How to use competency frameworks for business success

Competency frameworks effectively define the skills, behaviors, and soft skills an employee needs to succeed in a specific role and the organization. These frameworks are some tools your HR can use for people-driven performance management, hiring, and team building. But, with their focus on capabilities, they’re also one of the most important. Competency is the sum of skills, knowledge, abilities, attributes, experience, personality traits, and motivators. Once your organization maps the competencies a position needs, [...]

5 Ways to utilize a DISC assessment of your employees

Using personality tests during the hiring process has become common practice for many organizations around the world. They’re a great way to assess job candidates, making sure you choose the best fitting candidate for the job. In fact, it’s reported that over 88% of Fortune 500 companies use the MBTI personality assessment in their recruitment process. But the usage of personality tests shouldn’t stop at the hiring stage. Keeping your employees happy and engaged should [...]

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