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Stop asking these 7 interview questions (and what to ask instead)

Interviews and insightful interview questions can help you gauge a person’s cultural fit in your organization and whether their experience or expertise reflects what was listed in their resume or CV. However, only if you pose the correct inquiries. When you ask the right questions during interviews, you gain valuable, relevant information about candidates that helps you make the best hiring decision, like what motivates them, what their values are, and how they work. The [...]

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The case for an efficient application process

For many employers, getting clients into the recruitment pipeline requires significant attention and energy. But, what happens once candidates apply? Not surprisingly, most candidates drop off during the hiring process. In fact, according ERE Media, 80% of candidates drop off during the application process. That can be problematic for organizations, which often need those extra candidates. Here, the problem often lies in the application process, employee assessments, and even finding out too late that candidates [...]

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Employee onboarding 101: Designing an optimal onboarding experience

Your employees’ experience with your company starts the moment you connect with them during recruitment. But once they sign a contract and get to work, your relationship with them becomes even more critical - you move into the employee onboarding phase. What do their first days, weeks, and months look like? Do they have the tools and support they need to transition smoothly into their role and become an actively contributing member of your organization? [...]

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How to improve your interview process

To hire the right people for your company, you need effective interviewing techniques that provide insight into candidates, highlight their skills and knowledge, and drive candidates’ interest in the company. However, organizations often struggle with the interview process because it’s loosely defined and the people conducting interviews commonly lack the necessary training and know-how to do it well. Hiring has become a multi-step process where candidates must go through several types of interviews, complete screening, [...]

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The Top 10 Transferable Skills to Look for in Your Next Candidate

Transferable skills are something of a hype, but they can help new hires to navigate roles, to move between roles seamlessly, and to adapt as the organization changes. Today’s digital organizations are dynamic, constantly changing, and often reorganizing. Not only are roles quickly made and then removed within a decade, but employees are asked to fit versatile roles inside organizations. Communications teams are often no longer made up of a graphic designer, writer, and editor, [...]

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