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10 tips for firing an employee with empathy

Terminating an employee is always a major step and always a last or final effort after trying remediation. Unfortunately, if you’ve offered remediation issues such as coaching, training, and interventions like performance improvement plans (PIP), and had no success, you might not have much choice. Whether employees are failing to meet conduct requirements, failing to meet performance requirements, or slipping up in some other way, firing is sometimes the only option. These 10 tips for [...]

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Behavioral approaches to improving net promoter score

Net Promoter Score or NPS has become the gold standard by which companies judge their interactions with customers. NPS was first designed by Fred Reichheld in 2003 and published in an article in the Harvard Business Review. It uses a single question, “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague” with a 1-10 scale. Most importantly, that number gives organizations a simple way to track customer loyalty and behavior. While the [...]

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How Emotional Intelligence Drives High-Functioning Teams

Most organizations are obsessed with performance. The “high-functioning team” is the operational idealization of what a team should be. It collaborates, it works together, it communicates, and it resolves personal problems that arise without ever letting them get in the way of productivity. While organizations have tried to achieve the perfect balance to achieve high-functioning teams through performance management, motivation, hiring and firing, changing hiring strategies, and shuffling teams around, no method proves quite so [...]

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A guide to professional office communications

Every person understands the power of efficient communication and its impact on daily life and processes. The quality of communication impacts how well we resolve issues, establish relationships, network, and fit in the surrounding societies. At work, communication not only impacts the well-being of the employees but directly affects the quality of work. If people are stressed, annoyed, or even scared to speak their minds out, that will inevitably lead to poor performance, frequent errors, [...]

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What is EQ and why every company needs it

Gone are the days when IQ and skills were the primary (or even only) factors when  deciding whether to hire someone. Now, most HR teams are paying closer attention to skills that can help determine success in a role, such as personal skills and traits that make a good leader, efficient employee, and good problem solver. To do the same, you need to know about the emotional intelligence (EQ). What is EQ? There is no [...]

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