Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Thriving Businesses and Productive Workplaces

In today’s business world, technical or strategic prowess aren’t the sole determinants of success. Increasingly, emotional intelligence (EI) plays a pivotal role in achieving organizational goals and cultivating supportive work environments. Robust EI encompasses several social and emotional skills, and the demand for this valuable leadership trait is forecasted to grow by 26% in theU.S. and 22% in Europe by 2030. An emphasis on EI in your organization can enhance its overall environment and productivity, [...]

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Strengthening Dedication: How to Nurture Employee Engagement for Business Success

Engaged employees are irreplaceable assets, particularly in fluctuating business landscapes. These individuals are committed contributors who drive your organization’s success. Yet, employee engagement is a glaring issue for companies worldwide, and workforce stress is at a record high, with 44% of surveyed workers saying they experienced it as recently as the day prior. Unsurprisingly, over 50% of employees are now quiet quitting, and 85% of them citing the following as changes they would make at [...]

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Emotional Intelligence: A Compass for Navigating Difficult Workplace Scenarios

Challenging situations are unavoidable in the workplace. From conflicts between team members to negotiations, handling such scenarios gracefully and effectively is tough but paramount for a productive business environment. Emotional intelligence is a skill that can help you achieve this. To explain how this competency can help you thrive in the face of tumultuous circumstances, we’ll dive into: What emotional intelligence is Its key skills Why it’s handy in difficult workplace scenarios Difficult situations where [...]

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10 tips for firing an employee with empathy

Terminating an employee is always a major step and always a last or final effort after trying remediation. Unfortunately, if you’ve offered remediation issues such as coaching, training, and interventions like performance improvement plans (PIP), and had no success, you might not have much choice. Whether employees are failing to meet conduct requirements, failing to meet performance requirements, or slipping up in some other way, firing is sometimes the only option. These 10 tips for [...]

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Behavioral approaches to improving net promoter score

Net Promoter Score or NPS has become the gold standard by which companies judge their interactions with customers. NPS was first designed by Fred Reichheld in 2003 and published in an article in the Harvard Business Review. It uses a single question, “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague” with a 1-10 scale. Most importantly, that number gives organizations a simple way to track customer loyalty and behavior. While the [...]

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