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Optimizing Performance Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

A 2021 survey from XpertHR found that traditional performance reviews are still popular among organizations, with 63% stating they conduct formal appraisals annually. However, the shift from this “old-fashioned” method of employee evaluation has been taking place for years: Over one-third of U.S. companies have abandoned conventional review processes since 2016. I’ll explain the key reasons for doing so, as well as various ways of improving your approach so you can make the most of [...]

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How to Use Behavioral Prediction to Improve Personnel Management

HR and business leaders have increasingly more data at their disposal thanks to predictive analytics and personnel monitoring. One Deloitte study revealed over 70% of surveyed organizations are investing more in people analytics, as data shows it improves business performance. Predicting behavior gives HR the information to make data-driven decisions from the first point of contact with employees. Many platforms begin the data collection during the hiring process through recruitment assessments, then onboarding interviews, performance [...]

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7 Tactics To Prevent Burnout in Your Employees

Employee stress is at an all-time high. Unlike previous generations that could easily decompress once they left work, employees today have to be available constantly and are often asked to learn an ever-changing set of skills, as well as frequently adapt to new technology. That combined with other work stressors from leadership, high workloads, commutes, and colleagues creates an environment where many feel strained. As a result, 52% of all employees on average experience burnout [...]

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How to integrate performance feedback into daily work

Annual performance reviews can get a bad reputation in some companies, being seen as the dreaded month where everyone is “graded” and not much else gets done. For many organizations, they’re expensive, time-consuming, and provide little valuable information, while fostering employee dissatisfaction and reducing loyalty. Managers spend an average of 17 hours per employee, per year on traditional performance reviews. That in itself is a huge time cost to the company — without factoring in [...]

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5 Components of a good employee onboarding program

Most recruitment plans focus on the hiring and employee assessment phases (after all, you need to know you’re getting the right person). From there though, helping them complete onboarding often falls on the teams they join. It’s common for new hires to walk into a new company on the first day only to be handed a printed employee manual because IT hasn’t finished setting up their account. Onboarding is a major component of the employee [...]

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