Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. recognize the importance of protecting the information collected from various data subjects including candidates endorsed for testing by clients, employees and consultants, business and service partners, subscribers and training registrants, and clients and prospects. We are committed to protect, respect, and secure the personal data and privacy rights of our users by taking reasonable steps to maintain the security, integrity and privacy of any information. It is with highest importance that we, at Profiles Asia Pacific Inc., highly adheres to the general principles of transparency, legitimate purpose, and proportionality, of the provisions of the Data Privacy Act, as well as the National Privacy Commission’s circulars and advisories.
This privacy policy describes how we collect, use, secure, access, back-up and dispose the personal information you provide. We strive to ensure that any identifiable personal information you entrust are kept in strictest confidence, and are securely maintained using the appropriate security measures for data protection.

Information You Provide
The types of the personal information you provide may include:
  • Personal identifying information such as Name, Age, Birthday, Address, Academic/Professional History, and Employment background;
  • Contact details such as your telephone and cellphone number, email, postal address and other means of communication;
  • Psychological Profile/Assessment Results;
  • IP addresses;
  • Payment information such as a credit or debit card number.
The information above are collected through:
  • Relevant forms of the company accomplished by data subjects including employees, consultants, candidates, subscribers and training registrants;
  • Any form of documented communication with internal and external clients, business and service partners.

Use of Your Information
PAP may use your information in the following ways:
  • Implement the contracted services between the client and the organization;
  • Provide the client of the updates/information about new and existing products, events and services that are similar to acquired;
  • Research initiatives of the Research and Development Department;
  • Analysis and norming as requested by the client;
  • Personal data is needed in further probing candidates for various positions with their company;
  • For the ID and benefits package of the employees and consultants;
  • For the completion of transactions.

Data Security
PAP ensures Personal Data Security by:
a. Restricting access to the data storage by using password-protection.
b. Notice of Confidentiality shall apply and will be hereby acknowledged in the event of unintentional receipt of email.
c. Maintaining appropriate security measures to physical depository of data, accessible only by authorized personnels.

Data Retention and Disposal
a. Assessment and Personal Data from the Profiles Assessment Center Site are stored and made accessible in the live system for a maximum of two years, and will then be archived thereafter.
b. Assessment and Personal Data from the Global Assessment Center Site are stored and made accessible in the live system for as long as the client remunerate annual maintenance fees and other applicable fees enforced, otherwise, all data are archived.
c. Documented personal information, may it be hard or soft, have different retention/disposal depending on departments’ existing policies and procedures.
d. Electronic data including personal and contact information collected through the site portals are retained indefinitely unless requested by the data subject to be disposed.

Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. is committed to protect, respect, secure and exercise the rights of data subjects specified under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA).

Rights of Data Subjects
1.   The Right to Be Informed
You have the right to be informed and to withhold your consent to further processing in case there are any changes or amendment to your personal information. Once you have notified us of the withholding of your consent, further processing of your personal data will no longer be allowed, unless:
(I) The processing is required pursuant to a subpoena, lawful order, or as required by law; or
(II) The collection and processing is undertaken pursuant to any lawful basis or criteria.
2.   The Right to Access
Upon your request, you may be given access to your personal data that we collect and process. You also have the right to request access to the circumstances relating to the processing and collection of your personal data, insofar as allowed by law.
3.   The Right to Object

As a data subject, you have the right to indicate your refusal to the collection and processing of your personal data.

You have the right to object to collection of personal information within the bounds allowed by the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

4.   The Right to Erasure or Blocking
When there is substantial proof that your personal data is incomplete, outdated, false, or has been unlawfully obtained, you may request us to suspend, withdraw, or order the blocking, removal, or destruction of your personal data from our filing system. We may also notify those who have previously received your processed personal data.
5.   The Right to Damages
You have the right to be indemnified for any damages sustained due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, or unauthorized use of your personal data, taking into account any violation of your rights and freedom as a data subject, as provided by law.
6.   The Right to File a Complaint
As data subject, you have the right to file a complaint in case of breach or unauthorized access of personal information.
7.   The Right to Rectify

The data subjects shall have the right to correct information especially in cases of erroneous and outdated data.

You have the right to dispute any inaccuracy or error in your personal data and may request us to immediately correct it. Upon your request, and after correction has been made, we will inform any recipient of your personal data of its inaccuracy and the subsequent rectification that was made.

8.   The Right to Data Portability
In case your personal data was processed through electronic means and in a structured and commonly used format, you have the right to obtain a copy of your personal data in such electronic or structured format for your further use, subject to the guidelines of the National Privacy Commission with regard to the exercise of such right.

Limitations on Rights and Manner of Exercising
The law requires you to exercise your rights as described in this Data Privacy Policy in a reasonable and non-arbitrary manner, and with regard to rights of other parties. Your rights as a data subject are also subject to other limitations provided by law. All requests, demands or notices which you may make under this Policy or applicable laws must be made in writing, should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer and will only be considered received based on the following:
I. On the date of delivery if delivered personally;
II. On the date received when delivered by a recognized courier and the service has confirmed delivery;
III. If sent through electronic mail, when such electronic mail is transmitted to the email address of the Data Privacy Team specified in this Data Privacy Policy and appropriate confirmation has been received by the sender via email.

The provisions of this policy are effective this 23rd day of July 2018, until revoked or amended by this organization, through the directive of the Management Committee.

Profiles Asia Pacific Inc. is fully committed to address inquiries and concerns relating to the processing and security of all personal data provided by the different data subjects. You may reach our Data Privacy Response Team at and briefly discuss your concern. In addition, we may require your contact details as a reference for our team to provide the necessary updates and/or feedback.

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