The competition for top experts is getting more intense as global communications simplify international job searches, so companies have to work harder than ever to recruit the most talented individuals. To consistently attract high-value candidates, employers need to think strategically and apply proactive measures aimed at improving company image in the eyes of the public.

The following factors can help you attract and retain top talent, regardless of which industry you might be active.

7 ways to attract top talent

Offer a competitive financial package

Of course, good salaries are the strongest argument that often turns out to be decisive. However, the size of the paycheck is not the only relevant detail, since employees expect timely payments and appreciate bonuses and other benefits.

Recognize hard work

Companies that run an internal rewards and recognition program can inspire loyalty among the workforce, especially among the top performers who are likely to receive the accolades. It’s essential that the program is operated in a fair and transparent manner for best effects on motivation.

Hire for a smart workplace

Having a super-connected office full of latest technologies will make your offer more attractive to the younger candidates. If your PR department manages to get a few photos of this high-tech environment publicized in local print, you won’t lack in job applications in the near future.

Foster strong corporate culture

This factor includes both the external image of the company and its internal communications. Strong brands have a distinct identity and it doesn’t take long for newcomers to feel they are a part of something bigger. Employees are even ready to take 12% cut to their salary for working with a top brand.

Have a clear and coherent recruitment strategy

Numerous employers check all the boxes we listed, but fail to communicate this fact to the general public. The best way to avoid this trap is to formulate a sound recruitment strategy and identify priority target groups, followed by focused communication that highlights company strengths.

Provide continuous education

Frequently sending your employees to industry events and business seminars is a great way to infuse new knowledge into the company and keep employees happy at the same time. This will also position you as an innovator that values progressive thinking, providing a secondary boost to recruitment.

Practice promotion from within

When a large part of your top management originated from the lower levels of the company, this sends a strong message about the principles used to select the leaders.  Up and coming experts will be more likely to join if they perceive their career growth chances as wide open.

All of the techniques above should be integrated into long-term strategy and executed with a high level of professionalism to win the hearts and minds of young professionals with great potential, as well as experienced veterans of the trade. Successful implementation of the plan will leave your company well stocked with premium talent and capable of expanding its market positions and revenue streams.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick