UNAHCO, a division of Unilab that caters to Filipino farmers, has been manufacturing animal feed and veterinary products for over 50 years.

Following a people-focused approach, the company wanted to improve various aspects of their human resources (HR) practices. To learn more about how they came across Profiles Asia Pacific, and how we strengthened their recruitment, performance management, and employee development efforts, we spoke to Anna Lisa V. Ramos, their senior manager for HR.

Seeking a recruitment, performance management, and employee development partner

“We’re very keen on training and developing our people. We may have knowledge and know-how, but it’s not as vast. The people behind Profiles Asia Pacific, however, find the best solutions for our needs and guide us through everything.” — Anna Lissa V. Ramos, Senior Manager, HR

Ramos described the original process for assessing candidates and employees, which entailed performance management interviews with department heads.

The company also sought the services of an educational institution, but they were unable to conduct evaluations regularly and were ill equipped to gauge accurately how UNAHCO’s personnel performed.

A long-standing partnership built on relationships

“The number-one reason for choosing Profiles Asia Pacific is their people. They value UNAHCO the same way our employees do. It’s at a point where Profiles can shadow our growing needs and provide the appropriate solutions.” — Anna Lissa V. Ramos, Senior Manager, HR

UNAHCO’s partnership with Profiles Asia Pacific started in 2016. Ramos recalled how they first learned about us through their account executive who first took care of the company. What stood out for her during their initial meeting was how our services strongly resonated with her and the company’s needs.

After nearly eight years of working together, Profiles has helped UNAHCO make the right hiring decisions and cultivate strong leaders and a capable workforce. Ramos shared the organization’s partnership with Profiles has grown deeper than that between a generic client and third-party service provider.

Improving established HR practices

“Profiles Asia Pacific’s commitment and their thorough, targeted, holistic approach lets us assess people at all angles. We’re able to objectively assess them in terms of competencies, and now there’s a science behind our hiring, training, and promoting decisions.” — Anna Lissa V. Ramos, Senior Manager, HR

To bolster the company’s existing procedure, we started by assessing their managers and leaders with our CheckPoint 360° Feedback System, which appraises leadership effectiveness, and other critical areas including:

  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Task management
  • Personal development
  • Relations

Pleased with what the results delivered, UNAHCO adopted others as well, like:

  • ProfileXT: This customizable tool paints a complete picture of a person’s skills, behaviors, and interests. UNAHCO uses it for employee screening, development, and management to determine how well individuals fit specific jobs.
  • Executive Leadership Report: This lets UNAHCO identify the potential of their leaders and uncovers insights on how they overcome challenges. The report also dives into an individual’s characteristics, leadership style, and competencies.

Collaborative efforts that achieve the best results

“We believe in the collaborative efforts of the people, and the extra hand that [Profiles Asia Pacific] give[s] me is a very, very big help. [They] simply present results, clarify them for me, then I hand them over to [our management committee]. They really appreciate that.” — Anna Lissa V. Ramos, Senior Manager, HR

Our unified approach has helped UNAHCO screen job candidates (ensuring they only interview applicants with qualified skills and work habits) as well as develop programs that nurture competent leaders and employees.

Currently, the company taps into Profiles Asia Pacific not only to assess their people but also to deliver services that, according to Ramos, further validate the assessments’ results. These include:

  • Recruitment support
  • Internal training
  • Executive coaching

She expressed gratitude for the work we’ve done so far, sharing how it’s contributed to the company’s recent milestones like achieving an outstanding employee engagement score of 4.23 out of 5 and hitting their performance targets for 17 years in a row.

Flexible service that goes above and beyond

“It isn’t just customer service; Profiles Asia Pacific goes the extra mile. They’re very patient with us — me especially. They keep up with my wild ideas, and with whatever time I’m able to give, they’re okay with it and work through it.” — Anna Lissa V. Ramos, Senior Manager, HR

At Profiles Asia Pacific, our top priority is customer success. Everything we do, from assessments to coaching and support, is built around our clients and their organizational processes.

Ramos attests to that, complimenting how working with us feels like visiting a “one-stop shop” for all UNAHCO’s needs. She highlighted instances where the organization could only fit pocket-sized training sessions into their schedule, but our people still delivered excellent and enriching experiences.

Additionally, Ramos expressed an appreciation for our team’s flexibility and how they always find workarounds to accommodate UNAHCO’s every need.

Looking forward to the future

“We have a lot of plans in store, and we’ll be needing more of Profiles Asia Pacific’s services.” — Anna Lissa V. Ramos, Senior Manager, HR

Ramos has great confidence in Profiles Asia Pacific’s capabilities, saying that, beyond our expertise, the support and flexibility we’ve provided over the years has helped UNAHCO succeed. She plans to enlist our services for the company’s future expansion and diversification plans as well, specifically for finding potential leaders through their executive search efforts.

If your company would also like to strengthen its recruitment, performance management, and employee development practices, reach out to us to take advantage of our first-rate body of assessments. We offer a wide selection of HR solutions to accommodate all your needs.

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