Navigating Future Success: Unlocking the Power of Organizational Development

Due to the highly volatile nature of business, your success in any given sector boils down to adaptability, innovation, and an excellent balance of talent and strategy. Cultivating an environment that fosters these characteristics, however, requires continuous improvement and resilience. Organizational development (OD) prepares your company for the future and keeps it flexible and adaptable in dynamic industries, making it vital for your endeavors. This article will walk you through the intricacies of OD and [...]

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How Profiles Asia Pacific Helped UNAHCO Achieve a 4.23/5 Gallup Employee Engagement Rating

UNAHCO, a division of Unilab that caters to Filipino farmers, has been manufacturing animal feed and veterinary products for over 50 years. Following a people-focused approach, the company wanted to improve various aspects of their human resources (HR) practices. To learn more about how they came across Profiles Asia Pacific, and how we strengthened their recruitment, performance management, and employee development efforts, we spoke to Anna Lisa V. Ramos, their senior manager for HR. Seeking [...]

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Strategic Business Planning: How to Steer Your Company Towards Future Success

To build a thriving, sustainable business, strategic business planning is crucial at every level. Preparing your organization for the future entails plotting explicit and actionable goals, properly allocating resources, and establishing clear, robust processes. However, putting this into practice is easier said than done, so I’ll walk you through the necessary steps to ease your journey. In this piece, we’ll explore: What strategic planning is Its pros and cons How it’s carried out Tips and [...]

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Recruitment Strategy: 18 Ways to Recruit Top Talent

Businesses grow and thrive as a result of contributions from teams and individuals. To achieve this in competitive industries, securing top talent is crucial. Whether it’s managers or frontline personnel, organizations benefit from adding the best and brightest professionals to their ranks. Attracting and retaining them, however, requires a well-crafted recruitment strategy. To help you build the cornerstone of your talent acquisition efforts, I’ll discuss how to formulate a plan of action and share some [...]

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How Profiles Asia Pacific Ran Seamless MAAP Admissions Testing for 15 Years and Counting

With around 160,000 active members, the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) is a private institution funded and operated by the Associated Marine Officers' and Seamen's Union of the Philippines. Founded in 1998, the MAAP offers scholarships, free board, lodging, tuition, and gainful employment upon graduation thanks to partnerships with various shipping companies worldwide. Due to this attractive opportunity, the MAAP faced waves of applicants — enough to overload their existing processes and [...]

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