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Your employees are a crucial aspect of your company, but how do you attract the right people to work for you?

Having a great company culture is not only a key aspect of recruiting the right candidates, but also retaining them. Employees nowadays look for certain things in a company, and it’s important to promote your company culture in the right way.

Here are a few ways to promote your company culture to ensure that you attract the right candidates.

Social Media

In our digital age, social media is the perfect place to show off your company culture, and there are infinite ways to do so. Try posting pictures and short videos of your company’s events such as conferences and Christmas parties. A great idea is to have a different employee take over the company’s Instagram or Facebook account each week. This can be at the office, out on volunteer days or even working from home.

Showcasing your company culture can give potential candidates a good understanding of its values. This way, they can see what an average day looks like from the eyes of different people. Be sure to encourage your candidates to follow your social media channels so they can stay up to date with what’s going on.

Your Website

When your candidates are looking for more information about your company, they’re sure to turn to your website. Your website is the first thing they turn to before deciding whether to apply for an interview, so make sure your company culture is reflected here. Communicate your company’s vision and values as a business. Tell your potential employees how you’ll nurture their learning and development. Let them know about the positive environment you’ll provide them too.

You could even include some testimonials from recent hires. Create short videos of existing employees. This is a warm way to connect with potential candidates and gives your website some personality. Friendly and welcoming company culture will be sure to attract the perfect candidates.

Job Postings

Your listing on your company’s career site or a third party site is the first thing a potential candidate sees. Use your job listing as an opportunity to talk about what your company can provide them when they work for you. If your company incorporates flexible working into their culture, communicate this. Candidates like to have the freedom of working from home, especially if they have to look after their little ones during the day.

“Dress-for-your-day” and “work-life balance” are great keywords to use in your job listing, if your company encourages it. Also talk about what other employee benefits your company offers, such as health insurance and company perks, as this is a great way to reflect your company’s culture.

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In the Interview

If your candidate has made it to this step, there’s no doubt they would have done some research on your company. Nobody likes interviews, but they’re necessary for the recruitment process. Interviews can give your company an understanding of the candidate’s capability and professionalism.

Interviews are also the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your company culture. Structure the interview depending on the style of the business to give your candidate some immediate insight. Involve existing employees in the interview process and allow them to answer some of the candidate’s questions. This makes the entire interview more free-flowing and relaxed. Try to make them excited to work for your company rather than nervous.

Company culture is one of the key things candidates look for in an organisation. Finding the right candidate for your company means they will be genuinely thrilled to work for you. Employees who find themselves in a company with a culture that resonates with them are guaranteed to perform better.

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