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As we wave goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 with open arms, we will all, most probably, start thinking about our beloved New Year’s resolutions!

That means setting personal goals like eating healthy, read a book per week, investing more time with family & friends, finally find Wally/Waldo, and so on. For most of professionals, that also means setting new goals and strategies.

In this article we will share seven suggestions for all HR managers that are planning on making some changes in 2019 and want to start the year off with new ideas!

Find quicker ways for pre-screening candidates

Pre-screening candidates is one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks for HR managers.

The traditional methods of shortlisting candidates by filtering resumes and by going through multiple rounds of interviews may be too time consuming for HR managers to determine a candidate’s experience and skills according to a role.

In the recruitment space today, this is no longer a struggle if you have the right tools in place for pre-screening your candidate; these include Skeeled, Harver, and Lytmus, among other, which allow HR professionals to save time and energy. Indeed, those tools work by automating tasks in the pre-screening process such as filtering resumes, matching skills to a required job vacancy and more.

So if you have not incorporated a pre-screening tool for your hiring process yet, then it needs to be in your book of resolution for 2019!

Quit the fear of AI taking over your job

Although there are valid arguments on the threat of AI on the career of HR professionals, it is about time to let that fear go. AI is not going to replace HR Professionals. 

In fact, it is an opportunity for HR professionals to automate and simplify tedious processes such as connecting with top talents, providing a more personalized interview experience, etc.

It also allows HR professionals to spend their time and efforts on proactive tasks such as planning new recruitment strategies or working on social employer branding.

HR professionals should understand that AI tools such as Smashfly or iCIMS are just that: tools. They are here to automate tasks and not the job itself.

Thus, take a step forward in 2019 and adopt AI tech by automating some of your own tasks. This will allow you to dedicate more time on developing your recruitment strategies.

Use chatbots as your personal assistant

Recruitment chatbots are applications designed to automate conversations in the recruitment process.

Chatbots such as Xor, impress, and Mya, use natural processing language (NLP) to understand and respond to candidates. Chatbots can be used through various communication channels such as email, SMS, Social Media and Application Tracking Systems.

This allows HR professionals to respond faster to candidates and, in turn, improve the candidates’ experience. If you are not using chatbots in your recruitment process, it is about time to consider using chatbots as your personal assistant for 2019!

Use more job portals

Job portals and career websites such as  Glassdoor and Naukri contain millions of resumes that allow employers, headhunters and/or HR professionals to source potential candidates for a role.

Although having a company website career page is recommended, HR professionals should not ignore the fact that having job posts in multiple job portals leverages possibilities of job exposure to a wide array of candidates.

The only advice is to spend some time drafting your job description with relevant keywords so that it stands out to candidates with the relevant skills.

Automate your payroll processes

First and foremost, running a smooth payroll process is not a task to be left for the last week of every month… Having a smooth payroll process creates a better culture in the company and contributes to the productivity of employees.

If you are tracking  your employees’ attendance, leaves, etc., in a manual manner, then it is time for an upgrade! There are several HR and Payroll systems such as Cadena HR or Workday, which you can implement in order to save time and also reduce human errors that are all too common when it comes to payroll processing.

Ensure a better on-boarding program

On-boarding programs help your employees familiarise with your company culture, objectives and also sets the right expectations for them.

A better on-boarding program helps you retain talent and reach better quality for hire in a shorter span of time.

Other benefits of a better on-boarding program include developing a better workplace relationship and a better engagement rate for your employees. So you may want to spend some time looking at your current on-boarding program and find ways of improving it for the new year.

Commit to hiring diverse candidates

The reputation of a company increases when it demonstrates its commitment to diversity in recruitment efforts. People coming from different cultures have diverse experiences and could contribute to more creativity and higher productivity. This would also allow your business to adapt to the demands of customers that may also be coming from various cultures.

Ultimately, cross-cultural hiring could increase the profits of the company. So if you are not practicing diversity in your hiring, then this has to be on your number 1 priority on the list of resolutions for 2019.

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