Planning a get together for the team? Each team is unique, and would appreciate different types of holiday gatherings. Take a look at some office holiday party ideas you can draw inspiration from.

Fun themed parties

This is a fan favorite. Most offices like to have different themed parties each year, to mix things up and give the team something fun to aim for. Some ideas to consider are masquerade, your favorite Christmas movie, Santa’s elves (dress in red and green), or even a pajama party.

Giving back

Consider hosting a holiday party that gives back. For example, you could ask each employee to bring a gift, however small, that you can donate to a local charity. You can even propose doing some volunteer work as a team, instead of a large party. For example, going to a nice lunch then working with a soup kitchen for the evening.

Scavenger hunt

This is a fun idea for active teams who enjoy hands-on activities. It can be whatever size is most convenient for you, whether it’s all within the office at different checkpoints with prizes, or across your city at special places, ending at a picnic area or restaurant for food.

Cozy get-together

Less is more for some teams, and yours may appreciate a simple get-together instead of a grand party. A cozy party includes a simple meal without frills, such as party games or entertainment. Instead, this event would include smaller groups who can have conversations and bond over good food.

International pot-luck

This is a great idea for teams with diverse backgrounds. If you have a workforce from different countries, cultures, or even heritages, you should consider an international pot-luck. Everyone should bring their favorite dish, and clarify that it doesn’t need to be a dish from their heritage. If someone from Europe loves Asian food, they should be free to bring their favorite Asian dish.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick