The Philippines has no shortage of great talent, the challenge lies in finding them. To help you with your search for great team members, we’ve compiled a list of places to search online, and a few tactics to reach your best candidates on each one.

Where to find talent online in the Philippines


LinkedIn is a great tool for the Philippines, but not all your job candidates are active on it. The good news is the people who are active on LinkedIn are likely to be tech savvy and great with social media and branding. This professional network is a nice indicator of those who are more career-oriented.

Do a search by location and skills to filter out the candidates you want. If you still have too many options, try filtering by title, taking a look at their previous experience, and only looking at candidates who have recommendations.

Tip: Pay attention to how often they update their profile. Is it up-to-date with their latest job? Is their last entry from 3 years ago? Look for active candidates.


Although LinkedIn is the professional social network, many Filipinos are on Facebook. Advertise a job opening and target your ideal candidate; you can specify location, age, interests, education, and more.

Alternatively, you can post your job openings on your own Facebook page to reach those who are already fans of your brand, or on Facebook groups that your ideal candidates may hang out in.


Quora is an online question and answer site where people can ask questions, and demonstrate their expertise by answering others’ questions. It’s a great place to find influencers and individuals who are generally helpful.

Do a user search for the skills and job title you need, and you should see a few candidates and/or their answers pop up. Take a look at their answer history to gauge their expertise, and get a conversation going with the strongest candidates. When it comes time, reach out to see if they’d like to work with you.


Reddit is not seen as an especially professional place to spend time on the Internet, but the platform has been able to pull surprisingly professional communities around different topics. Take a look at your industry, or the r/Philippines subreddits and you’ll see plenty of discussion (great, and not-so-great) going on. Do a search within those subreddits to find topics related to your job opening, and check out who’s part of the discussion. You can choose to reach out there and invite them to apply, or post your job opening directly into Reddit.

Job boards

Last but not least, job boards are a popular way for job seekers to find positions. Resources like Hired and Kalibrr connect jobs and job seekers quickly and efficiently. Usually, the company takes a more passive role in these; they post a job and receive applications from job seekers who are part of the platform. However, we recommend taking a look at the different candidate profiles and reaching out to the top talent–who will usually be busy working and not always browsing the job boards looking for new positions.

Where do you find your top talent?

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick