The Philippine office scene may not seem too diverse to an outsider looking in, but there are multiple forms of diversity that HR teams need to be aware of–and promote. Promoting diversity in the Philippine workforce will benefit everyone as our teams become more accepting, innovative, and dynamic.

Different types of diversity

In the Philippines, we have a healthy office mix of male and female representatives in the workplace. HR teams should pay attention to gender diversity in the office, and make sure to put aside any biases when hiring new team members and mediating conflict.

Moral diversity is a little trickier, because you need to hire team members who embody the same morals, vision, mission, and beliefs of the company. However, it is healthy to have a good mix of people with different opinions to encourage debates, conversations on how things can be better, and shed light on different viewpoints.

HR teams should strive to hire people from different backgrounds as well. Striving for socioeconomic diversity means that you’ll get individuals from all different walks of life to contribute unique views and opinions to your business. This will cover your bases because something you may not have seen might stand out to someone who grew up under different circumstances.

Age diversity is also something you want to go for. Don’t hire only young millennials, or you’ll only get the experience and opinions of that age group. Having a wide spectrum of ages will give you access to the wisdom of multiple generations.

Finally, the most commonly referred to type of diversity would be racial diversity. Having people from different cultures and countries will give your company a global edge, and in this age of internationalization, this is key for a successful business. The Internet is making it easier to operate in and reach audiences in different countries, so having insight into the trends, social norms, and overarching beliefs of different regions of the world is crucial.

Question: How are you promoting diversity in your company?

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick