Profiles Asia Pacific and Facilitator Deiric McCann are partnering to bring the GENOS Emotional Intelligence program to the Philippines. This international program goes over six skill scales and covers emotionally intelligent workplace behavior. Our first workshop was launched on November 15-16, 2016, where participants learned how to design and sell EI solutions, develop individual and team EI, and design EI development sessions.

One participant of that flagship workshop, Ruby Manalac, says;

“We saw that there is more to work than tasks. More to careers than the corporate ladder and more to leadership than just driving the numbers upwards. We work with people. We manage our careers and balance it with our personal lives. Why do we need to sacrifice relationships to move up? The better question is why does it need to be lonely at the top?”

Each participant walked away with a new knowledge of how to demonstrate EI in the workplace, and a globally recognized certification from GENOS.

The reason GENOS is so special is because it doesn’t measure someone’s EQ, like many other tests. Instead, it discovers how someone applies emotionally intelligent behavior in their professional lives. In two days, you’ll understand how important it is to perceive and understand emotions, because they affect so much of our personal and, more importantly, professional behaviors.

Want to get certified?

GENOS International Intelligence consultations are free, and a great place to start. Our team can help you decide whether this certification is right for you, explain the mechanics of how it works, and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today.

Image from: Genos International

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