Crafting the perfect job description is just the first step. Once you know exactly what kind of candidate you need, their responsibilities, and the ideal skill set for the job, you still need to get the right person to apply. That’s where knowing how to market a job opening comes in. Below are a few tips for getting your job posting in front of the right people.

Write about the team’s culture

Capable young professionals usually keep up with the happenings in their industry by reading about what’s going on in the space. If you have an influential blog, a popular side project, or a service that might be used by your potential candidates, make sure you advertise your posting there.

One increasingly popular way to market a job opening is to blog about something interesting in the industry; a new method your business is trying out, the company culture, or something else. Then, put a disclaimer at the bottom that says you’re hiring and link to your careers page. As people read and share the article, they will also be sharing your job posting. Plus, since it’s at the bottom you know only the candidates who took the time to read your entire article will find it.

Partner with affiliated businesses

If you have awesome partnerships with businesses that will potentially reach your target candidate, see if they would be open to some cross-promotion. For example, ask them if they would be willing to share your job listing on their social media profiles if you share one of their blog posts on yours. You might also consider writing a guest article for their blog, which could reach readers who don’t see your blog.

Find relevant job boards

You could spend money posting your opening on all the online job boards available, or you could select a key few to invest in. Look for job boards that you’ve had previous success with, research their reviews, or browse through their candidate profiles to see the quality of job seekers who regularly visit that site. Upload your job description and make it easy for applicants to reach you.

Go where your best applicants are

Usually, going where your applicants are means social media or in-person networking. Go to local industry events and observe the attendees, what kind of questions they ask, and how they communicate. You should also observe the people working at the event to see their level of professionalism and skill, since you never know when someone is open to new opportunities. For social media, reach out to people who interact with your brand regularly, since it shows that they care about the business personally. You can also say hello to people who publish content you enjoy, and see if they would be interested in applying.

How do you market your job openings? Any additional tips?

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick