Josiah Go featured our CEO, Malcolm Pick’s advice on client retention rate, hiring decisions, and finding the right talent. Below are a few key notes from Q&A with Profiles Asia Pacific President Malcolm Pick on Finding The Right Talent.

  • Many small businesses aren’t making use of assessments. Pick recently asked a group of HR professionals and discovered 70 percent weren’t using online testing, and a little under half weren’t using any testing at all.
  • HR professions have become more strategic.
  • The HR industry in the Philippines is fairly well developed, and we employ tests such as cognitive, personality, skills, and integrity testing.
  • In terms of assessments and profiling, the size of the organization (conglomerations vs small businesses) isn’t as important as the investment a company is willing to make for its personnel.
  • Our Client Support team is composed of licensed Psychometricians, who help us keep our retention rate high. Our current client retention rate is 95 percent.
  • Reliable assessments are shown to improve company hiring, promoting, career, and succession planning.

You can read the full interview on Josiah Go’s website.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick