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Email newsletters are a popular way for businesses to connect with their customers, but they are also an excellent way to build company culture. Internal email newsletters allow leaders to connect quickly and comprehensively with large teams, who can read the newsletters at their convenience. It doesn’t take much time to set them up, and there are so many benefits.

Benefits of internal email newsletters

  1. They don’t take much time to create well.
  2. It’s a good way to disperse a lot of important information and make sure everyone gets it.
  3. You don’t have to send them out regularly, just when there’s something interesting or important to put in them.
  4. It’s a channel for leadership/management to communicate directly with their teams.
  5. Helps foster company culture.

Tools to set up an internal email newsletter

It may be tempting to simply send out a quick text email, but we recommend doing that, especially if you have a lot of information you want to share. Creating a well-designed newsletter so your teams read all of the info, instead of getting confused or bored in a sea of text. There are a few great email services (many of which are free) that you can use to build aesthetic newsletters that are a pleasure to read.


Without a doubt one of the most popular email newsletter services out there, and for good reason. MailChimp has many templates and features that make it easy to organize your information in an easy-to-read format. It also has more advanced features like A/B subject line testing, and allows you to see the open-rates of your newsletters.


This newsletter is great for sharing links from around the web, but it also allows for text and images to be inserted with Markdown language.

Mad Mimi

Simple, easy-to-use email newsletters. It’s marketed as the service for people who want emails to be simple. Their free plan allows for 100 contacts and unlimited emails.

Campaign Monitor

Another popular service, Campaign Monitor has an easy drag-and-drop interface and great templates.

Constant Contact

This service has complex functions, but a great support team. They have tutorials and guides all online, so you can learn exactly how to make the most of this email newsletter service.

Anything we missed?

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