The cost of toxic employees is no small amount. They aren’t felt simply in monetary loss, but in the loss of time and morale they cost the entire team. So much thought is put into finding top performers that we don’t as consciously avoid the toxic hires as carefully as we should. According to re:Work, one toxic employee can wipe out the gains of two top performers in a company.

The cost of toxic employees can include;

  • Lower productivity, not just for that employee but the entire team.
  • Loss of revenue due to slow response time and poor work.
  • Wasted time dealing with the employees’ wants and/or demands.
  • Lower team morale.

In order to avoid toxic workers, keep an eye out for certain traits.

“…toxic workers are actually much more productive than the average worker, which can perhaps explain why they tend to stick around an organization longer than they should. We also find that workers who profess that rules should always be followed are also more likely to be toxic. The toxic employee may be falling back on pedantry over common sense or decency.” – Dylan Minor, Just how toxic are toxic employees?

You can also use structured interviewing and professional assessments to pick out the would-be toxic employees on your team, and eliminate them from the running before they even get hired. These will give you insight into how well they fit into your company culture and teams.

Over to you

What are your tips for avoiding toxic employees? What indicators have you noticed and how do you spot them early? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick