Assessing bad test takers

This holiday season, instead of giving materials why not try giving the gift of knowledge? This unique gift idea focuses on our scientifically backed assessments, which have many uses and make excellent, if not unheard of, gifts. Many of the assessments can be taken online with quick results, and could help shape the future careers of your loved ones. The best part is, these can all be taken online within a few minutes, with immediate results.

For example, the ProfilesXT is a comprehensive assessment that discovers key behavioral traits and core competencies. Here are a few people who would benefit from learning more about their strengths, weaknesses, and different personality traits.

  • A high school student trying to pick a college that offers a strong major in his or her field of choice.
  • Someone who is unhappy with his or her job and thinking about switching careers, but not sure to what field.
  • A college student trying to select a major.
  • A fresh graduate who is starting to apply for jobs. These assessments can not only show what you’re good at, but it can also show potential employers what your strengths are.

The Profiles Sales Checkpoint only takes 15 minutes to complete and will provide immediate results. This assessment is designed to reveal someone’s skill set and critical skills so they can see where to improve and which areas they align with the most. This assessment is great for;

  • A sales manager who is struggling with his or her sales team.
  • Someone in a sales position who wants to improve.
  • Anyone who has to deal with customers in his or her job and wants to make more sales for the company.

The Profiles Performance Indicator is a personality style performance test that is typically used to motivate and coach employees. It’s an excellent tool to help a friend or family member start the year off on the right foot at their job. The reports explain how an individual can be understood, motivated, and managed so that they can improve job performance. This indicator is excellent for;

  • An ambitious professional who wants to constantly improve.
  • A new leader who would appreciate knowing which areas he or she has to improve in to lead.
  • Someone who needs to be motivated at his or her job.
  • Anyone who could use a personalized guide to self improvement in their professional careers.

These are only a few ideas about which assessment-based gifts you could get someone. Although it deviates from the traditional material gifts we tend to give during the holidays, these assessments will show that you care about friends’ and family’s professional careers and their continual growth and success.

Looking for an assessment that will show you something in particular? Check out our products page for some ideas.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick