Career growth | Finding your ideal career fit

Jobs are important; they help you survive day-to-day and provide a source of income. However, your career is a step beyond a simple job. Careers are the direction all of your efforts go towards. Choosing a career means choosing the professional skills you’ll develop, the industry you’ll be in and the type of jobs you accept.

Discover your personal career fit to guide your search for the most suitable job for your skills, personality and values. Pay attention to four factors when selecting your career path and jobs to vet how well they suit you.

Goals and Values

Think about what motivates you when choosing your ideal career. Why did you choose to go into the field you’re in? Having a career that aligns with your goals and values will make your job more satisfying and help you work for more than just a paycheck. Your values should be tied to and complement your career goals. For example, if you value personal development, you should aim for learning opportunities in whatever job you take.

Personality Type

Do you enjoy working with others or independently for the most part? Take note, there is a difference between being a social extrovert and working well with others. Sometimes, even if you are sociable, you work better independently. Think about where you get your energy from, what working environment is most productive for you, what work scenarios you’re most comfortable in and how much structure you like in your job.

Skills and Experience

What type of skills and experience do you want to earn? What do you enjoy doing that you are also good at? Having an interest in certain skills will motivate you to work harder and learn faster in a job. Your experience should reflect the type of skills you’re interested in and want to continue developing.

You should also look at what skills you excel at. Pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses when selecting your career path, as doing something you have a natural talent for can make learning and adjusting much easier.

Growth Opportunities

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? How about 20? Your ideal career path will help you continuously grow in your field. Whatever jobs you take should come with opportunities for advancement and education, so you can continue to develop your professional skills.

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About the Author: Jocelyn Pick