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Incentives and bonuses may not be enough to encourage a productive workforce. Sometimes, the office layout plays a large role in motivation, and should be adjusted for optimum work.

According to Mashable, the most productive office layout consists of comfortable and ergonomic workspaces. That means chairs that encourage good posture and screens and desks that are adjusted to height. A productive office layout should also have natural lighting, be free of clutter, and have the occasional office plant. Give employees space to walk and stretch their legs, as well as the right colors to suit your tasks, whether it’s creative or detail-oriented.

According to Forbes, a highly productive office must have adequate lighting and sound control. This means that employees should be able to focus on their work without distracting sounds. Try installing sound-absorbing panels or agreeing on a playlist in a communal workspace. A productive office must also be arranged smartly, so that employees are in the best position they can be in at the office to do their jobs. For example, don’t situate a receptionist desk far from the phone he or she needs to answer. Alternatively, your office could offer task-specific work stations that have employees moving to different stations in a collective space that are specially designated for different tasks. When employees are moving around all day, their brain stays active and alert. It also reduces the chances of employees zoning out in front of their computers all day.

Overall, keep your office spaces comfortable and well-lit, with sufficient privacy so your employees can make the most out of the work day. Follow the advice from Forbes and Mashable to create the most productive office layout and observe the results.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick