What is Job Fit?

“Based on identifying innate personality traits, abilities, and behaviors, assessing for job fit determines if a person CAN do a job, HOW they will do a job, and if they will ENJOY the position…Job fit outlines the unique job-related qualities that make a person productive.”

Aoife Gorey, Profiles International

Job fit, as its name implies, refers to how well an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, experience, and interests fit the requirements of a position and work environment. Job fit can either be a positive match, or a negative one, depending on how well the employee and organization align.

How do you determine job fit?

Employers can gauge how successful a candidate will be with the use of job fit assessments and testing, behavioral and competency interviews, and situational and background analysis. These examinations will help determine a few of the following key indicators of job fit.

Skills and experience: Does your candidate have the work experience and life skills necessary to excel in the position?

Needs: What does your candidate need from his or her professional life? Leadership, recognition, challenge, education? Identify what needs your candidate is looking to fulfill in a job, and whether the position will satisfy a significant number of them.

Cultural fit: How well will a candidate fit into the company culture? Is she or he comfortable with the dress code, the flow of information, the leadership structure, and the time management? For example, someone who prefers a flexible lunch schedule may not be happy sticking with a set lunch hour.

Training: Does your candidate have the proper training and qualifications to excel at his or her job? If not, will your company be able to provide it, whether via seminars or on-the-job experience?

Personal values: Are your candidate’s personal values congruent with the company, customers and colleagues in your business? Employee morals must be harmonious with their work environment and surrounding individuals.

Essentials: Finally, it’s important to look at the logistics of a job and a candidate. How close does your candidate live to the office? What will his or her commute be like, and is the pay enough to provide your candidate with a good quality of life?

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