According to a study by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), as many as 25% of high-potential employeesplan on leaving their jobs within a year. Many organizations make the mistake of only looking at ability when assessing an employee’s potential for managing a job. – 10 Important Questions to Help Identify High Potentials

High potential employees are valuable to the future of the company, for when higher positions need to be filled and leadership is needed on each level of employees. High-performers do well in their current jobs, whereas high-potentials can excel in future positions within the company. Organizations need to think about the long-term health and goals of the company, and develop assessment models to find high-potential employees.

Profiles International recommends asking these 10 questions when determining whether an employee has high-potential.

  1. Does this person have a proven track record for accomplishing impressive results, not just meeting expectations?
  2. Does this person take charge and make things happen, or sit back and let things happen before producing?
  3. Does this person inspire confidence in his or her decision making?
  4. Can this person lead through persuasion and influence? Can he or she serve as an effective sounding board to others who are struggling with complex issues?
  5. Do others trust this person to lead projects and teams, even though he or she doesn’t have a leadership title?
  6. Does this person have an understanding of how to separate “what” from “how”? An awareness that establishing the destination before deciding on the mode of transportation is essential?
  7. Can this person keep a global perspective? Are priorities apparent, or does she or he become mired in the details and tactics?
  8. Do obstacles stop this person? Or do they represent challenges, not threats?
  9. What success has this person had with multitasking?
  10. How do unexpected changes affect this person’s performance?

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