Getting excited for the holiday season? So are your employees! Avoid stepping on any toes and keep the holidays a happy time by avoiding a few common mistakes.

Expecting too much

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and demanding employees work during their days off just because it’s the “busy season” is going to be detrimental to employee loyalty and morale. Don’t expect your employees to put their work above their families and personal lives, especially if you haven’t shown any respect for their time.

Requiring attendance for non-work related activities

Attending that end-of-year Christmas party wasn’t in the job description they signed up for. It’s a perk that the company offers, but your employees shouldn’t be forced to accept it. It could be compared to asking your employees to work overtime on a project from another department. Whether it’s a holiday party or an event where you’re giving out free gold bars, if it’s after office hours and unrelated to work, your employees should always be given a choice on whether or not to attend.

Getting too personal with your employees

While it is a good idea to treat your employees like human beings, keep in mind that they are your colleagues, not your best friends. Don’t ask to spend Christmas dinner together, and don’t pry into their private lives. Although making a few inquiries is only polite, there is a difference between asking where they plan to spend their holidays and asking how drunk someone plans to get on their holiday vacation.

Not showing enough appreciation

“During the holidays, it’s more important than ever to show your employees you appreciate them and all that they do. Your appreciation is the best gift you can give your team.” – Rick Bell, Keeping Harmony Around the Holidays

Even if your company can’t afford big bonuses or a lavish holiday party, it’s still important to show employees that you care in some way. Send out handwritten cards, get small gifts, give them an extra day off, and so on.

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