Identifying employees that will become indispensable to your company is an important skill for any manager to have. But how do you spot the employees who will become invaluable? Below are some of the most valuable characteristics to look for in employees, and why they’re important.

  • Opportunism – Change and crisis provide opportunity. It’s usually hard to see past the immediate danger, but invaluable employees see the potential in any situation.
  • Adaptability – Positions are always changing, and the best employees are always developing their skills to do whatever job comes their way. They learn quickly and efficiently.
  • Follow-through – Even if someone is the genius of this century, if he or she doesn’t actually get stuff done, that’s an ineffective employee.
  • Respect – Good employees respect people in any position, and their ideas. Employees who treat everyone with respect are more likely to build valuable networks and maintain existing relationships.
  • Responsibility – Employees are the backbone of a company. Their work supports the company as a whole, so employees must be responsible for all their actions, getting the job done, and being accurate in doing the best work they can.
  • Positivity – Negativity in the workplace saps energy and positive outlook. Good employees know how to turn negatives into positives, and turn weaknesses into strengths. They are also skilled at problem-solving in negative situations.

Find employees who exhibit the characteristics above, and you’ll be well on your way to finding a valuable team member who will enhance your company culture, productivity and efficiency.

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