The ability to make fast team decisions is a competitive advantage that shouldn’t be undervalued. In order to develop teams that can make good decisions, regardless of conflict, leaders need to understand a few universal truths in group decision-making.

Conflict gets results – Nothing drives innovation like competition. It makes people work faster, smarter, and harder. False compliance and half-hearted agreement won’t get your team to the best decisions, it will only encourage the first suggestions made. Typically, when a team is in debate mode, they are more likely to bring up their strongest arguments and best evidence. Don’t let your team miss out on valuable insight by agreeing to the first suggestion someone makes.

Accountability and support – Give each key decision an identified decision-maker, and reinforce that decision. Giving individuals accountability encourages them to make what they feel is the best decision possible, and once an incontestable decision is made your team can move forward.

Time is essential – Your competition is constantly moving forward, and you should be too. Once you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, it’s time to make it. Don’t hide behind a desire for more studies or experiments that take time and may not reveal useful or relevant information. The longer you take to make a decision, which is step one of any business initiative, the more time your entire process will take.

Once your teams begin to work together closely enough that arguments are productive, decision-makers are held accountable, and time is valued, your teams will be leagues closer to making fast, efficient decisions.

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