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Below are a few employee retention tips to help keep your skilled workforce intact and avoid high turnover costs.

  • Help them understand company goals. Give employees the tools to see the bigger picture, so they understand why their role is important, and how their job fits into the company’s goals. Let your employees see they are a part of something bigger to motivate and encourage them.
  • Provide occasional perks. Small perks such as coffee on Fridays, office contests and financial rewards for good performance will keep employees excited for work and focused on doing a good job.
  • Find out why they are happy or unhappy. Conduct exit interviews when employees leave to figure out why they would rather work somewhere else or be unemployed than continue with your company. Likewise, interview long-term employees to find out what your company is doing right to keep them.
  • Provide for their needs. Aside from paying a livable wage, offer employees a retirement package and insurance. Show an interest in your employees’ health and wellbeing both in and out of the office gives them a sense of security in their jobs and lives.
  • Encourage employee growth. Promoting from within and developing an employee’s skills are both ways to make employees feel valued and productive. Let them know you are willing to invest in their career and skills.
  • Hire a human resources professional. Many companies have a human resource department, but not all of them are professional. Read our previous post about outdated hiring and assessment methods used by HR departments repelling qualified applicants.

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