The biggest time-wasters according to Interact Intranet Blog

Do your employees have enough work to keep them motivated and engaged throughout the day, or are they saddled with busy-work to fill a 40-hour workweek?

According to David Cain of, “the average office worker gets less than three hours of work done in 8 hours.” That means, with the advances in technology and innovation, efficient, motivated workers can get their work done within a 15-hour workweek. So, what are employees doing with the rest of their time?

Profiles International says that 43 percent of employees waste time by chatting with their coworkers, 28 percent surf the web, and 12 percent either text, take personal calls, or use social media. Employees slack off due to lack of incentive, job dissatisfaction, or boredom. Almost 50 percent of employees waste time on Fridays, with 3 to 5 p.m. being the most common window of time for employees to stray. Common workplace occurrences can also be distractions for employees. Nineteen percent of employees in a survey reported too many meetings being a distraction, with 17 percent reporting inefficient team members, and 17 percent reporting coworkers as major distractions.

Cut down on wasted time in the office by keeping employees engaged and dedicated to their jobs. Provide interesting work and help employees understand the bigger picture so they can invest in their roles. Employers can also offer performance incentives, and should use proven assessments to retain high-potential employees instead of distracting employees. Consider maintaining a flexible office schedule to take advantage of each employee’s peak productivity time and maintain a healthy office balance between fun and work.

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