Wiley, the same company that acquired Profiles International, continues to expand it’s portfolio by acquiring CrossKnowledge, a learning experience platform focused on online corporate education. CrossKnowledge has a library of “high-quality video and simulation-based content” (from Bersin.com) that integrates content, technology and services to provide business learning solutions.

According to Josh Bersin of Bersin.com, Wiley’s digital assets are large and broad. Many of the major authors in learning, HR, and leadership publish under the Wiley brand – so the company has access to digital assets which make any corporate training department interested.”

CrossKnowledge joins Profiles International as a partner under Wiley’s global network. “Inscape [another business in Wiley’s portfolio] operates in 30 languages, Profiles International in 20, and Cross Knowledge in 17, with 9 global locations.” (Bersin)

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