The Philippines' leadership style is predominantly modernist

In the Fall of 2013, Grant Thornton conducted an interview to understand what good leadership means around the world. They interviewed 3,500 business leaders in 45 economies to find out how leaders run their teams, how leadership characteristics differ in different regions, whether being in a developing or developed market plays a predictive role in leadership, and how different leadership styles affect business.

The 2014 International Business Report found that emerging markets such as the Philippines are modernist; with leaders who are more likely to use coaching, creativity and intuition. Modernist markets also have more women in leadership positions, and leaders of dynamic businesses are more open to a range of improvement techniques such as skills assessments and developing peer networks. The report also found that integrity, positive attitude and communication are consistent attributes of good leaders across all regions and sectors.

According to the report, 90 percent of businesses in the Philippines have used a business coach, making it the highest number in the world. The Philippines also ranks second for women in senior management, tied with Botswana at 39 percent. Fourty-four percent of business in the Philippines use social media, and 42% of companies report a lack of a skilled workforce.

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