Finding your company’s next most valuable player (MVP) could be as simple as looking in the right places, with the right people. Continue to search for a new candidate until you find a few great potentials, and then select discriminatingly based on interviews and assessments. Below are a few suggestions to help you find and, more importantly, hire your company’s next MVP.

Explore your channels. Instead of just posting on job recruitment sites, send out job opening notices on your social media channels, include them in your email newsletters, and spread the opportunity by word-of-mouth.

Search and recruitment should be an entire company effort, not just HR. See how a potential new hire thinks and works when introduced to work in different departments. Give them the opportunity to see the people they would be working with, the company culture, and what roles each department plays in the success of the company.

Make sure the new hire fits in the company culture, their future team, and their position. There are a number of assessments that any HR department can utilize to determine a candidate’s job fit. It’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate to compare with the strengths and weaknesses of their coworkers.

Finally, patience is key when hiring selectively. Don’t hire someone unless you and your team is confident in the choice. If you’ve gone through the suggestions above, you should be in good shape for hiring your company’s next MVP.

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