In support of international movements to help promote a sustainable world, we encourage you to take part in the upcoming Earth Hour 2014 on March 29. In our previous post, we covered World Water Day, focusing on the lack of access to clean water, and the vital tie between water and energy. Earth Hour, which started in Sydney, Australia in 2007, aims to raise global awareness of climate change by encouraging individuals and businesses around the world to turn their lights off for 60 minutes. Earth Hour will take place on March 29, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. and the Philippines will join other countries around the world in observing this event.

In 2013, a number of iconic landmarks showed their support of Earth Hour, as buildings around the world went dark. Some of these landmarks include The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Taipei 101, The Petronas Towers, Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Gateway of India, The Church of the Nativity (Birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem), Eiffel Tower, The Acropolis, Tower of Pisa, The Spanish Steps, Buckingham Palace, The UK Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Christ the Redeemer Statue, CN Tower, Las Vegas Strip, Times Square, The Empire State Building, and the Niagara Falls.

“The Philippines absorbs some of the world’s most violent typhoons, and has had to adapt to climate change earlier than most countries. Yet, it is home to a resilient and cheerful people who have been championing Earth Hour since 2008.” – Earth Hour website

Learn more at, and back a project or add your voice online. We hope you will join us in our intentional blackout for our Earth!

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