How certain are you that your job postings are reaching your ideal candidates? By practicing content marketing and search engine optimization to increase your chances of reaching the eyes and ears of the people you want to hire.

Search engine optimization is a set of best practices followed to earn high page rankings. That means that SEO will help raise your website to the top of the results list when potential candidates search for job openings at companies in your industry. You can optimize your website by following a few standard practices.

  • Include your company name in page titles. For example, if your company is named Explore, and you are doing a piece on travel, your title should look something like Travelling Around the World in Your 30s | Explore, so viewers understand that the information is coming from your company.
  • Keep your page title to 72 characters, including spaces. If your titles are too long, only the first part will appear, followed by “…” If this happens, viewers may not understand your page topic or see your company name.
  • Limit your meta description to 165 characters or less. The description appears under your page title in a search result, and is a short description of what your page covers. Again, if your description is too long, only a part of it will appear, followed by “…”
  • Your body copy should be no less than 300 words and no more than 800 words. Aim for 300 to 500 words for each webpage or article.
  • Your body copy should be focused on a keyword or phrase, which should be make up 2 to 5 percent of your text. If you repeat one word or phrase too much, it could make your copy hard to read. Search engines may also view this practice as “keyword stuffing.”
  • Include both internal and external hyperlinks in your webpage. Link to relevant information, both in other places within your website, and in other websites.

By optimizing your website and its content, you can attract more visitors, resulting in both potential clients and great applicants.

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