By Rachel Andrea Ko Go
Writer, Profiles Asia Pacific

Don’t match a person to a position; match a personality type to a role. – Sarah Schupp, CEO of

Positions, like people, are unique. Hiring managers obviously look for different qualifications depending on which job they are trying to fill; most job listings specify that in the description. However, the best hiring managers know that they should also be looking for different qualities in the people they hire for entry-level and for managerial positions.

To give you an idea of how different profiles suit different positions, below are some top qualities of an intern versus top qualities of a good manager. Of course, all the traits we list are important for everyone to have, and whether they are entry-level or managerial. However, there is a difference between necessary and recommended personality traits. For example, the ability to recognize the accomplishments of others is more desired in managers than interns.

Traits of a Good Intern

  • Takes initiative
  • Willing to learn
  • Adaptable
  • Innovative
  • Open to change
  • Humility
  • Good work ethic

Traits of a Good Manager

  • Good leader
  • Meticulous planner
  • Effective communicator
  • Keeps calm under pressure
  • Cares about employees
  • Acknowledges good work
  • Appreciates others’ achievement
  • Inspirational
  • Great customer service skills
  • Conflict-resolution ability
  • Understanding of the industry

You may have noticed that the list of desired traits for a manager is significantly longer, and that is simply because a manager will be responsible for much more than an intern, who still has to be trained and taught a number of things. Therefore, managers should have more qualities that go with leadership and entry-level applications should be quick learners.

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