What is emotional intelligence?

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What is emotional intelligence?

Whereas IQ refers to how intelligence quotient and logical reasoning skills, EQ (otherwise known as emotional intelligence) refers to emotional quotient and how well an individual can assess and control their own and others’ emotions. EQ is a critical success factor for leadership and organizations, and is more than twice as predictive of performance than IQ.

Why is emotional intelligence important at work?

The ability to be aware of and manage emotions is vital to personal and professional success. It enables you to assess and control your own emotions, as well as connect with others to form productive and healthy relationships.

In a professional setting, emotional intelligence helps you navigate conflict, foster good relationships with your colleagues, and avoid making mistakes due to emotional attachment to a product or issue. Knowing when different emotions are appropriate, and limiting unproductive emotions will help a team function well together and avoid wasting time on unnecessary things.

How to improve your EQ

If you or your team has had trouble with EQ in the past, there are ways to improve. Follow the tips below at work, and keep an eye on our events for our next emotional intelligence seminar in Manila.

  • Be mindful when you speak, and ensure you aren’t interrupting anyone. We don’t often mean to interrupt, but strong emotions could cause us to unintentionally undermine a colleague’s voice.
  • When you feel negative emotions such as anger or hurt, take a step back and analyze the cause. Ask yourself if there is anything you can do to alleviate the situation without escalation.
  • If you notice particularly strong emotions around certain topics or scenarios that keep coming up, try to connect these to a root cause. You might find that you feel a certain way about an underlying issue, or that you need to have a discussion with a coworker.

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