How to Write Compelling Job Descriptions

The propose of compelling job descriptions is to attract the right candidates to apply for a position. In order to get top talent on your teams, you should understand how to portray your company mission and vision in the best light. Inspire job candidates to apply for a job they can enjoy, are qualified for, and believe in with compelling job descriptions. Consider your ideal candidate Think about who you're writing this job description to [...]

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39th Annual PMAP Awards

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) is a professional, non-profit organization for the HR industry. The PMAP Awards Program was established in 1977 to recognize outstanding achievers within the industry with exceptional leadership and professionalism that sets them and their corporations apart. The awards are presented annually based on achievements within the year and are made possible by the PMAP Board of Trustees and Awards Committee. This year, the awards will be hosted [...]

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Employee Retention: Communicate to Retain

Employee retention relies heavily on how well an employee can do a job, inter-company relations and how efficient and purposeful the work is. Being competitive and offering great packages helps employee retention, as does rewards, recognition, training programs and a good hiring process. However, many of these things count on good communication skills to succeed. Below are a few communication strategies to inspire effective communication throughout all organization levels. Keep Employees Informed Provide regular and [...]

How to Write a Job Description

A job description summarizes the important functions of a position and the requirements or qualifications needed to succeed. It is a tool used by both HR and division managers to clarify a role that is filled and the duties under that role. Job descriptions can be used as a guide for succession planning, learning and development, performance reviews and salary administration. For the employee, a well-written job description is a roadmap that can be used [...]

3 Smart Ways to Recruit Top Talent

Businesses grow and thrive because of the teams working towards success. From management to customer service, any organization would benefit from having the best employees available. Below are three smart ways to recruit top talent to keep your business going strong. 1. Discover top talent early Although there are outstanding job candidates out there, companies can also gain their top talent by selecting high potential employees then training them to fill a key role in the organization. By [...]

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