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Talent Management Advice from 5 Experts in HR

The talent management advice below was taken from various online sources. Find the original articles by following the links after the tip. 1. If you’re an HR leader, nothing will make you look better than a talented HR team. Hire people who are at least your equal or preferable a little bit better. Too many B and C players will ruin your department and your leadership reptuation. - Paul Sohn, 30 Powerful Tips to Be [...]

How to Map the Employee Journey

Mapping the employee journey is difficult, but will provide valuable insight to your business models, brand and overall company effectiveness. You gain knowledge about strengths and weaknesses that may have been completely overlooked, including information that could increase employee retention and drive sales. When you map the employee journey, you are taking an inside look at your organization from a completely new perspective. You are looking at a company, not as a manager, a leader, [...]

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