Employment testing in the Philippines

The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities. – Stephen Covey A wide range of skills is important in every business. Each company needs different departments that specialize in different fields. Much like skills, a variety of cultures also adds a desired dimension to businesses. This office diversity is vital to a business' innovation and creativity, and it is something that human resources is both a curator and gatekeeper for. Why is Diversity Important? A diverse [...]

Talent Management Challenges for Small Companies

Start-ups may experience a number of growing pains as they begin their ambitious ventures, and eventually develop into successful businesses. Below are some of the common mistakes to look out for if you are starting, or current running a small company. Hiring Right the First Time Making sure you hire the right person in the first place will save your company money, and, more importantly, time. If someone is placed in an ill-fitting [...]

Employment Testing in the Philippines

Employment testing is crucial in the Philippines with the recent population boom, and new waves of job applicants graduating to the workforce. There are simply too many applicants for companies to efficiently field high-potential candidates from those who will slow company growth. How can companies keep up with which traits are important in today's evolving workforce? Profiles International SEA recently published an article on what Google thinks about hiring graduates from top schools, [...]

Wiley Acquires CrossKnowledge: New Player in Corporate Learning

Wiley, the same company that acquired Profiles International, continues to expand it's portfolio by acquiring CrossKnowledge, a learning experience platform focused on online corporate education.

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