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Understanding Assessment Tools for Greater Business ResultsTraining on Test and Measurement Design

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Do you work in the field of HR and/or education? Are you a teacher, professor, guidance counselor or mentor at work? Our seminar-workshop could provide you with the vital knowledge, abilities and skills that are needed to carry out an in-depth evaluation of educational and psychological tests and understand how to interpret the results. The two-day seminar will help participants develop an appreciation of psychological testing and its importance, understand of the basic concepts of reliability, validity and test construction, and be able to interpret scores.

Course Outline

  • Brief History of Psychological Measurement
  • Importance of Psychological Testing
  • Characteristics of Psychological Instruments
  • Purposes of Test and Measurement
  • Types of Tests
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Application of Psychological Measurement in Educational, Personnel and Clinical Testing
  • Ethics in Psychological Testing
  • Steps in Test Construction
  • Choosing the test Format
  • Validity and Reliability
  • Scoring and Interpretation

The course will be facilitated by Dr. Dr. Maria Vida G. Caparas, who holds a Master’s Degree and Ph.D., Summa Cum Laude, in Psychology. She is an Accredited Trainer of the Philippine Government with invaluable experiences in Organizational Development as a Human Resource, Training and OD practitioner. Shewas a Trainer Delegate of DFA-Foreign Service Institute in Italy and Singapore in 1999-2000. Dr. Caparas is a recipient of various national awards and also a professor in prestigious universities. She also wrote three books on Psychology/HR Management titled Psychological Assessment: Theory and Practice, Uses of Psychological Tests, and Human Resource Management.

The workshop fee is PHP6,500 plus tax, and includes small group workshops that provide “active learning,” snacks and lunch, a specialized student workbook and a personalized certificate of participation.

For more information or to register, please visit ProfilesAsiaPacific.com.

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The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

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Strength lies in differences, not in similarities. – Stephen Covey

A wide range of skills is important in every business. Each company needs different departments that specialize in different fields. Much like skills, a variety of cultures also adds a desired dimension to businesses. This office diversity is vital to a business’ innovation and creativity, and it is something that human resources is both a curator and gatekeeper for.

Why is Diversity Important?

A diverse workplace empowers employees to show their own individuality, and in this encouraging environment, productivity, creativity and innovation thrives. A Forbes study found that workforce diversity and inclusion often drive innovation and business growth, and a Harvard Business School study showed that multicultural networks often promote increased creativity.

Ideas and Problem-Solving

A diverse workforce will offer different angles and solutions to a problem, and bring different perspectives that enable leaders to make well-informed decisions. People from different cultures will have uniquely valuable ideas. For example, someone who has lived in France for 10 years may point out that a traditional French holiday and event opportunity is coming up, and spur a marketing event surrounding the occasion. Multiple cultural point-of-views also ensure that ideas and problems are handled in a culturally sensitive way.

Skills and Talents

People from different backgrounds will bring different talents to the table. Someone who is a former teacher brings years of experience in instruction and education, whereas someone who used to work for a newspaper would have a wealth of knowledge about editing processes and media standards. A diverse workforce makes it more likely for someone in the office to have the skills and expertise needed in almost any situation.

Languages and Communication

Communication is vital in today’s quickly globalizing world, and having a multilingual workforce makes it much more likely for your company to effectively communicate with multiple target audiences. For example, if you’re holding an event where some of the population speaks English, and others speak Filipino, it is a good idea to produce promotional materials in both languages. To do this, you will need copywriters and editors who are fluent in each language.

Inclusion and Brand Protection

According to Neil Lenane, a Business Leader of Talent Management at Progressive, “if you do not intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude.” Alienating a potential client because of a lack of diversity and cultural awareness results in lost profit and damaged brand image.

How Can HR Encourage Diversity?

HR does the hiring, meaning they are able to introduce diversity to the workplace by consciously assessing people for a variety of different backgrounds, experience and cultures. According to Forbes Insights, “as companies compete on a global scale, diversity and inclusion frequently have to shift, as different markets and different cultures have varied definitions of what diversity means.” How can HR ensure that a business stays diverse and competitive in the industry?

  • Hire candidates with different backgrounds and life experiences.
  • Hire individuals with different philosophies and a variety of outlooks.
  • Hire individuals complementary but different personalities from existing employees.
  • Hire candidates from different ethnicities and have an equal gender balance.

Equip your HR department with a simple way to gauge different personalities and roles. Make sure your HR department isn’t stuck hiring the same “type” of person by profiling each candidate in an unbiased assessment. Visit ProfilesAsiaPacific.com for profiling assessments or email solutions@profilesinternational.ph to find out how we can help diversify your workforce by profiling current and potential employees.

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Talent Management Challenges for Small Companies

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Is your business just starting out? Check out these talent management tips to promote success and avoid disaster.

Start-ups may experience a number of growing pains as they begin their ambitious ventures, and eventually develop into successful businesses. Below are some of the common mistakes to look out for if you are starting, or current running a small company.

Hiring Right the First Time

Making sure you hire the right person in the first place will save your company money, and, more importantly, time. If someone is placed in an ill-fitting job, they may make mistakes that will cost your company time to fix, and possibly damage relationships with your clients. Having a poor job fit leads to a bad representation of your company, and your employee’s lack of skill will not go unnoticed. In addition to the risk of a bad hire acting unprofessional, there is also the danger of him or her hindering the productivity of your other employees. Be sure to hire right the first time by implementing assessment tests to determine both the business ethics and professional skills that your candidates possess.

Determining Proper Salary

Knowing what to pay a person can make or break a company that’s just starting up. If you pay your employees more than you can afford, your company will collapse unto itself. But if you don’t offer enough incentive, your company won’t be attractive to highly skilled workers, and talented employees may overlook your company in favor of one that pays more. Do your research on the market and industry when determining how much to pay someone, and be attentive to what other companies are offering for similar positions.

Asking an Employee to Leave the Company

Knowing how to fire someone is more than just emotionally draining–there are legality issues surrounding it as well. For example, your employee may have had to receive a number of warnings before you’re able to fire them without repercussions. Make sure you have someone who understands HR law in your country before firing anyone.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Understanding the capacities of employees as a first-time business owner can be one of the biggest challenges you face. If you overwork your employees, or expect too much from them, you could alienate them. Employees could feel so pressured to do a large volume of work that they rush through their tasks and make hasty errors. On the other side of the coin, if you don’t set high enough goals, employees may become complacent and end up wasting time. Strive for a balance between the two extremes, observe your employees and how they work to determine what a realistic expectation for output is in your company.

Finally, realize that the best talent management comes from years of experience, listening to your employees, and being flexible and creative with your solutions. Want some help managing your human capital? Contact us for employee solutions.

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Employment Testing in the Philippines

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Laszlo Bock – Senior vice president of people operations, Google (from ProfilesSEA)

Employment testing is crucial in the Philippines with the recent population boom, and new waves of job applicants graduating to the workforce. There are simply too many applicants for companies to efficiently field high-potential candidates from those who will slow company growth. How can companies keep up with which traits are important in today’s evolving workforce?

Profiles International SEA recently published an article on what Google thinks about hiring graduates from top schools, which deconstructs some valuable employee traits by explaining Google’s stance on college.

Some of the most important things employers should look for in their candidates include “intellectual humility” and the ability to learn. According to Laszlo Bock, Senior VP at Google, “Ability to learn is much more important than IQ.” Bock says that the most productive employees aren’t too proud to dismiss their own ideas in order to learn from their peers. A lack of humility also makes it hard for many people to fail gracefully, turning team situations into a competition instead of a cooperative effort.

“Google highly appreciates people who have the ability to step back and embrace others’ ideas when they are better.” – Bien Nguyen, Profiles SEA

A resume and interview paints a reasonable but incomplete picture of someone’s strengths, weaknesses, and personality. In order to gauge a more substantial candidate evaluation, hiring managers would benefit from objective assessments. Profiles Asia Pacific skills assessments have been developed to determine how someone will fit into company culture, what type of learner they are, their strengths and weaknesses in a team setting, and more.

Find out if your job candidates are ready to learn by implementing employment testing that will provide insight into their personalities and abilities. Visit the Profiles Asia Pacific solutions page to discover the potential of your candidates and current employees.

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Wiley Acquires CrossKnowledge: New Player in Corporate Learning

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Wiley, the same company that acquired Profiles International, continues to expand it’s portfolio by acquiring CrossKnowledge, a learning experience platform focused on online corporate education. CrossKnowledge has a library of “high-quality video and simulation-based content” (from Bersin.com) that integrates content, technology and services to provide business learning solutions.

According to Josh Bersin of Bersin.com, Wiley’s digital assets are large and broad. Many of the major authors in learning, HR, and leadership publish under the Wiley brand – so the company has access to digital assets which make any corporate training department interested.”

CrossKnowledge joins Profiles International as a partner under Wiley’s global network. “Inscape [another business in Wiley’s portfolio] operates in 30 languages, Profiles International in 20, and Cross Knowledge in 17, with 9 global locations.” (Bersin)

Learn more about Wiley and visit Profiles Asia Pacific to discover how employment testing in the Philippines can help your company.

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