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5 Leadership Tips from Successful Business Leaders

1. Be Data-Drive and Creative "Nowadays everyone wants to be data-driven. That’s great but your competitors will have the same data, so you’re all going to come to the same conclusion. That’s why you always have to infuse some element of creative thinking.” - David Silverstein, CEO and founder of Colorado-based consulting firm BMGI (via Entrepreneur) 2. Ask "Why?" The most awe-inspiring companies begin with a great leader who regularly asks herself “Why?” - Simon [...]

3 Tricks to Staying Focused at Work

There are some weeks where staying focused at work isn't a problem, then there are others wherein the hours seem to drag along. These three tips will help you turn those daunting tasks and endless unmotivated days back into productive and efficient progress. Manage your time wisely This trick sounds like common sense, but there is a science to managing your time for productivity. In order to stay focused, you have to allocate time purposefully [...]

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5 Common Sense Rules of Office Conduct

The rules of office conduct may seem complex, but many of the basics are simple common sense. If you're about to start a new job, enter the workforce, or just want a reminder on office conduct, brush up by reviewing these five core rules that can help you in almost any work situation. Don't start or entertain arguments Conflict is inconducive to productivity, so it makes sense that you want to avoid it in the [...]

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The Most Productive Office Layout

Image from Incentives and bonuses may not be enough to encourage a productive workforce. Sometimes, the office layout plays a large role in motivation, and should be adjusted for optimum work. According to Mashable, the most productive office layout consists of comfortable and ergonomic workspaces. That means chairs that encourage good posture and screens and desks that are adjusted to height. A productive office layout should also have natural lighting, be free [...]

Announcement: New Specialized Training Available

Profiles Asia Pacific already offers numerous selection assessments, but this month we are proud to announce a release of specialized training programs to our repertoire! The following assessments can be conducted online by participants as a prerequisite to their specialized training. The following are available as of August 2015. Please contact us for more information. Learning Profiles™ & Assessments Coaching Effectiveness Profile Communication Effectiveness Profile Creativity & Innovation Profile Customer Service Commitment Profile Diversity & [...]

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