Working with Colds and the Flu

Continuous and sustained productivity in the work place is difficult to maintain, especially when your health isn’t cooperating. Sometimes it’s hard to decide how to proceed when you aren’t feeling well, so here’s a guide on how to handle sick days professionally and learn to work with colds.

Be Honest: When you feel you’re starting to get sick, inform your supervisor or manager. Your office policy may require you to stay home if sick to avoid spreading any contagious diseases. One sick employee taking a sick day is better than 20 sick employees.

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Be Responsible: Find someone who can cover your shifts, or handle your workload while you’re out of the office. For example, if you have a scheduled client coming, make sure someone else is available to meet the client.

Be Proactive: Consult a doctor or physician to make sure your cold is nothing serious. You can also ask about what you can do in the future to prevent illnesses.

Be Creative: There are many ways you can continue to be productive, even when suffering from a cold. For example, you can bring work home with you to stay on top of deadlines, or take the time to rest up and plan your comeback.

Be Conscious: Understand your body and what it needs to recover. Sometimes you all you need is a lot of rest and fluids to feel 100% again. Pushing yourself even harder when you have a cold will just exhaust your body.

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Be Careful: If you have to come in to work while sick, take steps to protect your coworkers and clients. Try to work in a private space, carry hand sanitizer, disinfect surfaces you come in contact with, and wash your hands often.

Last, but not least, always remember to take care of yourself. Even the brightest career in the world is difficult to enjoy with poor health.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick