Laszlo Bock – Senior vice president of people operations, Google (from ProfilesSEA)

Employment testing is crucial in the Philippines with the recent population boom, and new waves of job applicants graduating to the workforce. There are simply too many applicants for companies to efficiently field high-potential candidates from those who will slow company growth. How can companies keep up with which traits are important in today’s evolving workforce?

Profiles International SEA recently published an article on what Google thinks about hiring graduates from top schools, which deconstructs some valuable employee traits by explaining Google’s stance on college.

Some of the most important things employers should look for in their candidates include “intellectual humility” and the ability to learn. According to Laszlo Bock, Senior VP at Google, “Ability to learn is much more important than IQ.” Bock says that the most productive employees aren’t too proud to dismiss their own ideas in order to learn from their peers. A lack of humility also makes it hard for many people to fail gracefully, turning team situations into a competition instead of a cooperative effort.

“Google highly appreciates people who have the ability to step back and embrace others’ ideas when they are better.” – Bien Nguyen, Profiles SEA

A resume and interview paints a reasonable but incomplete picture of someone’s strengths, weaknesses, and personality. In order to gauge a more substantial candidate evaluation, hiring managers would benefit from objective assessments. Profiles Asia Pacific skills assessments have been developed to determine how someone will fit into company culture, what type of learner they are, their strengths and weaknesses in a team setting, and more.

Find out if your job candidates are ready to learn by implementing employment testing that will provide insight into their personalities and abilities. Visit the Profiles Asia Pacific solutions page to discover the potential of your candidates and current employees.

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