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Why you need to invest in more learning for your team (and e-learning solutions to choose from)

In the past few years, in-person events like conferences and seminars ground to a halt, creating skill gaps for employees. As a result, many businesses have looked to online opportunities to support learning and development for their teams. Employee development can improve employees' existing competencies and skills, and help them learn new ones that support the company's goals. It's important to note that employee development isn’t simply mandatory employee training, such as diversity awareness; instead, [...]

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How to use competency frameworks for business success

Competency frameworks effectively define the skills, behaviors, and soft skills an employee needs to succeed in a specific role and the organization. These frameworks are some tools your HR can use for people-driven performance management, hiring, and team building. But, with their focus on capabilities, they’re also one of the most important. Competency is the sum of skills, knowledge, abilities, attributes, experience, personality traits, and motivators. Once your organization maps the competencies a position needs, [...]

7 Reasons employee learning should be a top business priority

Does your organization prioritize employee learning and training? Employee learning has been shown to have links to business performance. A recent study found higher rates of business performance in organizations where employee learning and performance lay at the heart of their human resource and leadership strategy when compared to organizations that did not invest in human resource development or utilize transformational leadership styles. There are various types of employee learning. The different methods of employee [...]

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The Top 10 Transferable Skills to Look for in Your Next Candidate

Transferable skills are something of a hype, but they can help new hires to navigate roles, to move between roles seamlessly, and to adapt as the organization changes. Today’s digital organizations are dynamic, constantly changing, and often reorganizing. Not only are roles quickly made and then removed within a decade, but employees are asked to fit versatile roles inside organizations. Communications teams are often no longer made up of a graphic designer, writer, and editor, [...]

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Why schools need career guidance and assessments

The initiative of having career assessment services in schools brings numerous benefits to students and should ideally be standardized in every country and educational establishment. Even though there is still a long way to go, schools and universities can already start introducing minor changes in order to facilitate smart career choices for their students.

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