The “ber” months are notorious for being the busiest time of the year for businesses. Consumers are searching markets for presents and holiday bonuses, and the price wars rage as “sale” signs hang in every other window. With so much competition, here’s a quick and easy checklist to follow to make sure your marketing team has everything ready for the last crucial stretch of December.


Your website is your online ambassador, and can reach more customers than a localized store. Make sure it represents your brand via its design, images, and content. Update your website with your current inventory, and make sure your online store is fully functional. You don’t want any glitches while you’re making a sale! Finally, make sure your website is mobile responsive, so customers can shop from their phones and tablets.

Social Media

Join the conversation! Your loyal customers and potential customers are online, and if you don’t talk to them, another brand will. Engage your target audience with useful, relevant information that they’re looking for, and keep your brand on their minds when they consider where to buy gifts.


Does your company send out newsletters? If so, get them sent! Make your email newsletters fun and interactive by including links and images, and try playing with QR codes! Email newsletters can be put together by an efficient team of professionals in a few days, but there is also something to be said about flipping through a print newsletter. No matter what format you choose to send your newsletters in, get them to your audience and remind them of your brand as the holidays approach.

Content Marketing

This encompasses blogs, articles, and even guest blogs on your website. Get your audience information that is relevant and useful to them, build trust, and they will be more likely to purchase your products or services.

Print Materials

What print materials will best represent your brand? For retail, there’s nothing like the feel of flipping through a holiday catalog. Wineries can update their rack cards, hotels can send out their newsletters, banks can utilize table tents in their branches, and colleges can display banners. Whatever print marketing materials you may choose, make sure your logo and contact information are present, you use branded colors, there is plenty of white space, your text is easily readable, and include compelling images.

Press Releases

Take advantage of earned media by sending out press releases and making headlines! Identify what is newsworthy about your company this holiday season, and if you don’t have anything yet, create a newsworthy event or deal to get on reporters’ radars.

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