The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) Luzon Summit sets the stage for the examination of key business developments and the resulting pressure that is placed on human resources and talent management. The 8th PMAP Luzon Summit focused on Global Mainstreaming of People Manager’s Competencies and Mobility.

Globalization has been a great catalyst for the improvement of business systems and social relations. Efficient networks are no longer optional, but imperative to business success. This necessitates the improvement of both a company’s workforce as well as the managing strategies of that workforce, in order to reach a global standard. Adherence to internationally recognized principles and practices is a must.

The Luzon Summit taught that workforce mobility is slowly emerging, where expatriate assignments and virtual teams are becoming more common. On a more regional scale, the ASEAN Economic Community of 2015 has set a deadline for a more liberal flow of talent and services, as mobility takes center stage in the world of commerce.

Jocelyn Pick of Profiles Asia Pacific was one of ten speakers at the 8th PMAP Luzon Summit Directorate. She discussed Government, Academe and Industry Partnership as part of her advocacy to help bridge skills gap and build strong relationships between academe, industry, and government. Pick, also the managing director for People Dynamics, is a member of PMAP’s Board of Trustees and the director-in-charge of the PMAP Academe Industry.

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